Is Dr Tung’s Tongue Scraper Any Good?


With so many tongue scrapers available, it’s hard to narrow things down by choosing the best one. Among the best ones that I’ve owned is definitely Dr. Tung’s tongue scraper, and with good reason. Its build and its price are second to none as far as anything I’ve experienced goes.

The pliability of Dr. Tung’s tongue scraper is a big plus in my book, and makes it really easy for me to fit it into my mouth without feeling like it’s being unreasonably forced into it. It really gets to the back of my tongue with ease, unlike many of the other tongue scrapers I’ve used.

Additionally, it’s made of stainless steel, which I find to be much more pleasant than the plastic and other synthetic material that so many tongue scrapers on the market are made of. It’s also smooth and thin enough not to feel abrasive against my tongue (which could in fact be detrimental).

I’m a big fan of the grips on Dr. Tung’s tongue scraper too. They’re either made of rubber or plastic, but the bottom line is that they’re soft, and by squeezing them, I’m easily able to open and close up the device. As I sweep the scraper along my tongue, I find myself using this to make sure that everything is removed at once.

I can say with confidence that not only does it make sense to use a tongue scraper regularly (I definitely recommend this over mouthwashes, gums, etc. While it’s fine to use both, if I could go with only one, it’d undoubtedly be this), but it also makes sense to go for Dr. Tung’s tongue scraper. It’s the best product on the market.


Source by Ryan Lacioca

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