Is embroidery spray and eyebrow sculpture really safe as you think?

Is embroidery spray and eyebrow sculpture really safe as you think?

The beauty demand of women is higher and higher, and aesthetic forms are more and more advanced and innovative. Non-surgical aesthetics are increasingly diverse and one of them is embroidery spray and eyebrow sculpture. Eyebrow embroidery spray form with a variety of eyebrows and shapes suitable for many faces and skin tones of each person. But, are you really as safe as you think?

Let’s find out through the last post Health CPN.

What kind of beauty treatment is embroidery spray and eyebrow sculpture?

Eyebrow sculpture is a method of creating thin, smooth, lifelike eyebrows and shaping eyebrows in harmony with an embroidery tool like an ink pen with a micro-needle tip with an ink ball attached. . The current eyebrow embroidery techniques do not stop at creating curvature and lightness for the eyebrows, but also creating thin, soft eyebrows that make the eyebrows more lifelike, without revealing. cosmetic stains.

With more improvements in beauty, many beauty centers have applied this method, however, there are still many places that are not reputable, unsafe and cause many people to face serious health problems. important.

Health problems you may encounter

Skin infections

Choosing a safe and reputable cosmetic center is a top goal when you decide to repair your beauty. However, some people prefer to be cheap and choose to go to unsafe and unhygienic places that easily cause skin infections. Poor quality embroidery ink, contains toxic chemicals that can cause allergies, ulcers and harm the body. It can cause swelling, redness, bleeding, pimples and pus, causing an itchy, burning sensation in the eyebrows and surrounding skin. Especially, if not handled in time, the wound can spread, deep infection inside, causing serious consequences and difficult to handle.

Risk of infectious diseases

When spraying, in addition to the causative agent that is the pigment, we can catch a number of infectious diseases from tools such as needles, tattoo stubs. The places that do not ensure the quality of hygiene are easy to make you encounter infectious diseases such as HIV / AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis …

Many women come to the dermatologist for help with swelling, redness, bleeding, or even pus formation. Usually after 1-2 days, the wound is allergic or infected will appear unusual signs, so you should pay attention when caring for your eyebrows after spraying.

When spraying eyebrows, what should you consider?

To make yourself look more beautiful, you should carefully study a safe and reputable cosmetic center to “send the body”.

Pregnant women should not apply this method of beauty because in tattoo ink often contains mercury and lead are 2 main factors. This amount of mercury can reach the cerebrovascular barrier and then to the fetus, causing serious consequences for the respiratory system of both pregnant women.

Those with sensitive skin should also not spray eyebrows because the skin is prone to itching and inflammation, so it is best to apply other beauty methods instead of choosing embroidery services to avoid painting. into body.

Before doing beauty, you should learn carefully and make the right decision. Do not choose reputable places to “lose money”, causing harm to your health.

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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