ketogenic Diet And Benefits of ketogenic diet

Benefits of ketogenic diet and how ketogenic diet help in weight loss, cancer and even the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Basically, what a ketogenic diet is, it’s putting your body in ketosis, which means your body is burning fat for energy rather than carbohydrates. So again, your body will burn its own body fat or fat that you’re consuming dietary for its overall energy production. This is very effective, in fact, there are medical studies now showing that the ketogenic diet is an effective treatment for cancer, for Alzheimer’s disease, and effective for very fast weight loss. Experts research has shown that ketogenic is quite possibly the best diet for very fast fat loses. Now, I don’t believe that the ketogenic diet should be done for typically periods more than three to six months. After that, I think that you do want to add some good carbohydrates back in, but if your goal is especially fast fat loss, the ketogenic diet is perfect diet.

The reason why Ketogenic Diet works so effectively:

The reason why Ketogenic Diet works so effectively:

When your body goes into ketosis and starts burning fat for energy, your body is burning up its own body fat. Your body also stops feeding on sugar. So let’s go into next terms of what it does for those three conditions.

Let’s start off with Cancer, so the ketogenic diet for cancer we know that cancer cells feed off of sugar, so when you restrict your body, a ketogenic diet is essentially a diet that is made up of around typically 80% fat, 10% carbohydrates, and 10% protein or maybe even let’s say 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbohydrates. The carbohydrates are very, very minimal.

So again, you can see your body is really burning fat for energy but the reason why the ketogenic diet is effective in cancer treatment is that the cancer cells are being starved.

They have no sugar to feed off of and so the cancer cells starve to death. That’s why the ketogenic diet is effective in cancer treatment, the second thing a ketogenic diet is effective for is weight loss and the reason being, again, you body starts burning its own body fat for energy Think about this. Your body will also then continue to burn fat even while you’re sleeping at night. So your body is burning fat 24/7. It’s not just burning the fat you consume; it’s burning your own body fat. That’s why it’s most effective way to burn fat fast and last, but not least, the ketogenic diet is effective for Alzheimer’s disease.

In fact, there is a female medical doctor in Florida who treated her husband, who had dementia and Alzheimer’s, coconut ketogenic diet and said it cured his symptoms completely. The reason why it would be effective is we know that part of what happens in dementia and Alzheimer’s is the degeneration of the nerve system in the brain. So you really need to support the brain nerve system.

Well, a diet that has around 70% healthy fats, we know will help the brain, and we also know that ketosis and your body being able to burn fat for energy or utilize fatty acids is critical for the brain and for the natural treatment of dementia. Now, if you want to know what a diet would look like on a ketogenic diet, again it’s going to be specifically you want to add three types of healthy fats in your diet-healthy saturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, and then healthy fatty acids from things that are omega-9 fats that are going to be found in olive oil, avocados, and almonds, so sprouted nuts and seeds. The Omega-3 fats, so eating a diet that’s high in thing like salmon, chia seeds, and flax seeds. Then also getting good quality saturated fats from things like coconut oil and high-fat dairy like butter, so again coconut oil and grass-fed butter or ghee. Those are some of the most effective healthy fats you want to be consuming as part of this ketogenic diet. So again, the ketogenic diet is absolutely effective in the treatment of weight gain as well as cancer, and also it’s effective for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, so again, if you can follow a ketogenic diet, I recommend it is beneficial, but I only recommend it for about a three to six month period of time. You don’t want to do it longer than that because your body does need carbohydrates long term to function at its absolute best.

How To Lose Weight Fast with Ketogenic Diet

How To Lose Weight Fast with Ketogenic Diet

This isn’t a fad or a gimmick we won’t be posting picture of actor or people that have amazing before and after pictures, we are just bringing you a health regime that got me and my wife losing graaazy amounts of fat without having to take pills that could be fill with God knows what!

Ketogenic Diet = Low crab – High Fat

Don’t get to excited the fat part is referring healthy fats from, fish, meats, olive oils, butter and also forth, not the McDonald’s burger I was hoping for. Now there are other low crab diets out there and trying to figure them out is extremely difficult but funnily enough hey just end up simulating the keto diet.


What the keto diet does is cause your body to go into ketosis, which put simply getting your body to burn tored fat continuously

How does the Keto Lifestyle do this?

How does the Ketogenic diet Lifestyle do this?

The body will always burn carbohydrate energy fright and this energy isn’t sufficient for longer periods than a few hours, , while we consume carbohydrates throughout the day the body will use what it need the rest well gets stored as fat. On the keto diet carbohydrates are lowered, so low that the body ends up having to use the stored fat which it turns into fuel cells called ketones and thus the fat burning process called ketosis begins.

As long as you stick to the keto lifestyle you can keep ketosis going for as long as possible.

Now what magical creator in our body doing is all hard work for us? Well its your lovely liver., you see the liver use the fat store and turns them into the ketones which essentially is creating in which it needs to fuel  the body.

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What to eat and drink

  • Bacon (o grams of crab)
  • Eggs (1 gram of crabs)
  • Chicken (0 grams)
  • Beef (0 gram)
  • All types of fish (0 grams)
  • Cheese (2 grams)
  • Vegetable and salads (1-5 grams)
  • Butter, coconut oils, olive oils *Extra Virgin* (0 gram)
  • Greek yogurt (6 grams) Eating if under daily crab rate
  • Cream for coffee or tea or on top of some berries

What not to eat and drink

  • Sweets inc lollies, Packet chips, Chocolates
  • Rolls, Or any premade food with pastry
  • Non-Approved ketogenic fruits, Due to thigh sugar content
  • Pasta/Noodles or any other wheat products
  • Any fast food from food chains or packaged ready to heat foods
  • Soft drink of any kind
  • Thick shakes
  • Fruit juices Unless 100% fruit juice-But Only in small amounts
  • Energy Drinks
  • Sweet Yogurts or Custards

So now you know what our secret is. Now you know what ketosis is and the foods that you should eat and the foods you shouldn’t while on the keto lifestyle.

Here is your week one plan targeting only 30 grams of crabs per day


If you have any of Preexistent Conditions or are breast feeding



  • No Cereals Whatsoever
  • No breads and nothing that contains high amounts of carbohydrates
  • Enjoy Bacon and eggs and/or Grass fed Natural Sausages

I Suggest having a salad on the side or simply underneath the fried or oven roasted goodies. Use only healthy fats as mentioned above when frying; such as butter, Coconut or olive Oils.


Enjoy a cut of meat or fish with a salad; you should add some cheese as a garnish for that dairy intake.


  • No breads or rolls or Croutons


Dinner will be your heartier meals this week due to the pre conditioning of our brains.

Have a big piece of meat/Fish Opposite of what you ate for lunch, some oven baked vegetables topped with a nice mushroom and butter sauce or seeded mustard sauce or even cheese sauce-Yum!

SNACKS- if you feel low

  • A Serve of salted roasted nuts
  • Stock Drink/Liquid Soup
  • Whipped cream and berries


Drink at least 1.5 – 2 liter (6 – 8 Cups) of water per Day

Green/ Black Tea is Okay – Add Cream for taste coffee is fine too also just add cream for taste NO SUGAR!!!


ketogenic diet EXERCIESE:

You will lose weight just taking on this eating style but for you to enjoy KETO lifestyle you will need to get in some exercise

Remember You will activate ketosis so you will want to get burning that stored fat.

If you are not used to exercise don’t worry just start by simply walking each day and progress the length of time you walk

For those a little more accustomed to exercise join a Gym or take 30-60 minutes walks or Jogs. Any and all exercise will increase the fat burn thus resulting in better weight loss.


Stay Strong, Stay Focused

You can do it, Never Give up on your health

Say no to Crabs and yes to better life

Is coffee Okay on a Ketogenic Diet?

I do not think you can have a problem if you take one small cup of coffee in the morning as compared to five pots of coffee through the day right because the excess cad dine really stimulates the adrenal function and people drink too much coffee now a days I used to do it in the past and because I got really sick heartburn I would drink so much coffee just to stay awake and it caught up with me, so anyway the problem with coffee is the third most sprayed crop in the world they use 250 pounds of chemical per acre there’s a lot of pesticides so if you need coffee jut do the organic coffee that’s really important if you are going to put cream in it make sure it’s organic you are going to put butter in it make sure it’s grass-fed and also when you sweeten it don’t use sugar use xylitol gmo-free dalit all tastes just like sugar you won’t know the difference so if you are going to do decaffeinated you got to be careful too because sometimes use even more chemical so you want to do a water process type message to pull the caffeine out and I think it’s going to be all right.

Will Diet soda Kill Ketosis?

Diet Soda will slow down ketosis why because the artificial sweeteners have a tendency to raise insulin and ketosis is all about lowering insulin so anything that increases insulin like sugar refined crabs will basically block and slow down ketosis not to mention a lot others issues but I’m not talking about the artificial sweeteners like non-gmoxylitol I’m not talking about Stevie I’m not talking about non GMO or we through tall I’m talking about aspartame NutraSweet those type of sweeteners alright I hope this helps.

 The Biggest Mistake People Make Doing the Ketosis Diet

 The Biggest Mistake People Make Doing the Ketogenic Diet

Basically consuming too much fat you look up the ketosis diet, they say that you can have 85%  of your calories of fat right that is a lot of fat if you were to consume 2,500 calories from fat that take out to 220 grams of fat that is way too much so grams of fat that is way too much so what will happen is your are going to burning and that fat and that’s happened into your own fat you will be in ketosis but you won’t lose anyway, so I suggest you reduce it down to about 60 from the calories but it’s kind of like you have to go slow with the fat the fat is the big variable that you want to kind of gradually increase because a lot of people can’t digest  that you have to get used to you have to build up your enzymes, so this whole idea of like just dumping all this butter or coconut oil in your coffee and just start plugging all these kiddo bombs into the meals not actually a good thing, well, if it for some people they can do it other people they can so ketosis and general suppresses your appetite so what’s gonna happen is you are going to get your not going to be hungry.  Hardly at all anymore you are going to be able to go many hours without eating, so you want to let the hunger dictate how much fat you eat after you get in ketosis you can back off some of the fat and not have so much and then you can actually start living off your own reserves you fat in your belly and the rest of the body but there are people that just overdo it especially like the keto bombshell ditzy the whole plate. But I would just if you are hungry cut down the fat and go a little bit lighter it’s really each meal you have to judge how much you need you might be a little bit more but don’t go crazy because that’s going to slow you.

Ketogenic Recipes for Breakfast with Friendly Protein Pancakes

Ketogenic Recipes for Breakfast with Friendly Protein Pancakes

All of you need for this one is 20 grams of cream cheese one scoop of protein powder one egg and half a tablespoon of butter grab your food processor and we are going to throw in the egg cream cheese protein powder and I also put a dash of vanilla essence that’s optional limb that up until it, really smooth and creamy start heading your frying pan and throw in that little bit of butter when you think it’s hot enough go ahead and put in that first test a pancake and if everything looks good continue to cook normally like you would any other type pancake on the side of mine I am going to be having four tablespoons of Greek yogurt and half a cup of blueberries go ahead and throw your blueberries into a warm pan at a very low heat and just bring them up till they look sort of like a sauce, so this recipe will give you about six pancakes or three larger once and is made for one serving it is a total of 330 calories 14.2 gram of crabs 19 grams of protein in 22 grams of fat if you are having it without the berries and yogurt the carbs are only three meat grams.

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