Lose Belly Fat in 10 days Six Simple Steps

There are six simple and easy Tips to lose belly fat by making small changes in your daily diet follow these six best and simple steps for best results.

1. Double Vegetables Intake


Double Vegetables Intake

Whatever amount of vegetables you are having right now double that amount, vegetables have a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants things that are going to make your body healthier make it feel better and keep you satiated,

Keep you full and so you won’t be craving junk food as much because you are having so much vegetables any other vegetables don’t really have any calories to begin with so you can eat as much as you want and you still won’t put on weight when it comes to what type of vegetables really focus greens because it’s a lot of research out there that show you know they’re the best types of greens to have in terms of health benefits getting from minerals, vitamins things in that nature.

2. No Packaged Meals


No Packaged Meals

Instead of buying things you know frozen things, things that you know you pop in the microwave for a few minutes and they are good to go actually buy fresh wholesome foods and start making your meals, start cooking look up recipes online there is tons and tons of easy recipes that will take you ten, fifty minutes to prepare a very healthy and delicious meal.



3. No Artificial Sweeteners & Chemicals


No Artificial Sweeteners & Chemicals

Cut out Artificial Sweeteners, don’t eat Anything that has chemicals, whenever you buy anything at the grocery store you are going to look at the ingredients and anything that you don’t recognize, anything that has a very weird name a term that you have never heard before automatically don’t buy that products, buy things that have healthy raw natural Product with out any sort of chemical preservatives sweeteners added to that product because these will definitely inhibit your fat burning process they will definitely put a load on your body on your health very bad for your health, so stay away from those things.


4. No Added Sugar


No Added Sugar

No Added Sugar

Cut out Any Sort Of Sugar Unless it’s coming from fruit, so your number one source of sugar should be coming from fruit like bananas, pears, apple, orange, mangoes, pineapple and sort of sugar that you’re having whether it’s with your coffee, whether it’s candies, chocolate things in that nature anything that has added sugar need to be surprised the amount of things that has added sugar for example ketchup who would’ve thought that there’s a lot of sugar in ketchup so always read your nutrition facts, all your ingredients and make sure that you are picking out something that doesn’t have added sugar and that also has natural ingredients.


5. Have Lean Meats


Have Lean Meats

Have Lean Meats

Focus on getting your lean meats so rather than buying seasoned sauce meats sausage things in that nature buy lean meats that require you to cook them so you can know chicken brush turkey breast ground beef, ground turkey things in that nature, so really focus on lean meats and stay away from the quick and easy meats that you can just kind of eat or just pop in the microwave or put it i the pan, bacon and stuff so really focus on the lean meats and get your protein.


6. Have Complex carbs & Healthy Fats


Have Complex carbs & Healthy Fats

Any sort of carbs you are having should be coming from a complex carb food, so what is the complex carb it’s basically carbs that are absorbed and digested by the body in a slow manner, so sugar is obviously not a complex carb because it is digested and absorbed right away so examples would be sweet potatoes which by the way are that have healthy fats and have great benefits keep you full,

Sweet potatoes definitely get rid of your sweet craving oatmeal is an other great one it really fills you up, it’s really low in calories, really fills you up also for digestion beans lentils things in that nature, so really focus on your complex carbs and anything that has to do with fats, make sure the fats you are consuming are healthy fats, so omega threes mono saturated fat, so examples would be coconut oil, olive oil, nuts such as almonds, cashews peanuts,

Peanuts butter is an amazing source of healthy fats avocados things in that nature five to go one’s keep you full and healthy factually going to better your health and better your look so you are going to continue losing fat and you know these tips if you really follow them to heart and forget about counting calories, forget about candY stuff, switch your diet into a very healthy one and now your diet should be a lifestyle it should not be a temporary thing and then you will see the magic happen.

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