4 Stages of Starting And Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle making goals, meeting those goals, seeing results and just the whole aspects of healthy living. Just eat healthy and work out maybe really internalize what it means losing weight and eating healthy and living this kind of lifestyle is a big mental process it’s not just about the physical aspect of it you are really, you are changing the whole way that your mind thinks you are changing your habits, you are changing your mental outlook on not only yourself but what how you act and what you do and stuff like that. FourĀ Stages of Starting And Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle.

1. PreContemplation


Pre Contemplation


Contemplation stage this stage you are not interested in working out, you have weighed out the pros and the cons and you are like i am not going to give up cheeseburger every single day because i don’t want to that’s like you are just you are not in it which is fine that’s okay some people this isn’t for some peoples if there’s nothing wrong with that, that is just one of the stage you are aware of what a healthy lifestyle is but in your mind you have no desire to change or to start something new when it comes to healthy living or anything like that.

2. Contemplate




Contemplation stage now this stage you are thinking about what you could do, you could know, make some goals and you could you know make some goals and you could eat healthy and you are just kind of thinking about it, it’s an eight you are not doing anything it’s just kind of in your mind you are thinking, you understand that you would have to give up cheeseburgers every single week or every day or whatever you haven’t done that but you understand it and you think that a healthy lifestyle you know maybe it would be a good idea and you kind of mentally prepare yourself to maybe make that change you haven’t dedicated yourself to anything but you are just kind of there you kind of or aware about what that means and that’s just kind of where you are at.

3. Preparation



Preparation is actually when you are like okay i am going to eat healthy, i am going to work out this, i have a plan Monday through Friday i am going to the gym for an hour a day or Monday Wednesday Friday i am going to do an hour of cardio or i am going to meal prep for four days and have a couple cheat meals, but you are making a plan in your head you preparing yourself, you are getting ready to do something you have not started yet but you are planning on starting and you are trying to get there and you are making small goals in your head so you can succeed and so you can reach those goals.

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4. Action




The action stage is when you are going it those goals that you made in the previous stages, what you were preparing for you were contemplating whether you even wanted to do it or not now you are actually doing it you are working out, you are meeting those goals or at least trying to meet those goals you are starting and you are definitely moving forward you might not have reach those goals specifically but you are working towards them you are in, so that’s just kind of a like a paraphrase of the four different stages, put yourself in one of those. In action stage are you doing it, may be you are started, maybe you have been doing it for a couple weeks or a couple month or maybe you fall off and you get back up and you keep going but you are in the action stage and you are doing it and you are wanting to better yourself and you are trying.

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