Make home aloe vera gel with an incredibly simple recipe!

Make home aloe vera gel with an incredibly simple recipe!

The common obsession of many women is that the skin is darkened, rough, peeling when the weather is getting hotter and hotter. In addition to moisturizing and sunscreen, a “savior” needed for “half of the world” is the cool aloe vera gel bottles. However, instead of spending money to buy, you can still make your own product at home. If you do not know how, let Health CPN tell you!

Aloe vera or aloe vera is a succulent plant that often grows in the wilds of a tropical climate. Since ancient times, the leaves of this plant have been utilized by humans in all areas of life, especially beauty.

The leaves of aloe vera are very thick, containing a layer of flesh called a gel, which contains a lot of nutrients. Besides, in addition to its high moisturizing effect, aloe vera gel also has properties that help to overcome sunburn, insect bites or small wounds and many other skin problems.

Recently, many people also feel insecure about buying aloe vera gel products on the market, due to the fact that the added additives are potentially harmful to health. That is why the need to make your own gel products is indispensable.

Please refer to the following article to know more about how to make gel from fresh aloe vera leaves.

Outlines of aloe vera gel benefits for the skin

Skin care with gelatinous gel

Interestingly, in this aloe vera gel is extremely rich in vitamins C, A, E and B12… are Antioxidants Strongly prevents cell destruction from free radicals. In addition, an enzyme called bradykinase has been detected in aloe vera. This enzyme contains many beneficial properties, especially reducing inflammation when applied to the skin.

In addition to the aforementioned vitamins, aloe vera also contains many minerals that are essential to regulate body functions. Some of these include calcium, potassium, zinc, sodium, magnesium and copper. The fatty acids present in the composition of aloe vera gel also provide good antibacterial and analgesic properties.

Every time you apply aloe vera, you often feel the skin is shiny, it is thanks to the collagen and elastin fibers in this plant. Another advantage that gorilla gel brings is that the problem of large pores will also disappear if you regularly use this gel.

Preparation steps before making aloe vera gel

There’s nothing more convenient than making your own home-made aloe vera gel to use whenever you need it. Home-made aloe vera gel is still better than buying the products on the market. If you can grow aloe yourself, you should take advantage of this fresh source, otherwise you should choose to buy aloe at the supermarket or the type grown according to clean agricultural standards. This is because it contains no preservatives and you only need to use good quality ingredients and the finished product will last longer.

A few things that you should pay attention to before taking the gel from aloe is that you should choose the leaves that are close to the base of the plant to extract the gel, because they are mature and have a thicker flesh than the leaves. above. Remove the spiny edges of the aloe vera leaves vertically.

Note that you should only cut a few leaves because taking a lot of them will be a waste because the gel after doing it only works well for 1-2 months.

After cutting, wash the aloe vera leaves thoroughly, dry them so that no impurities are left to prevent the gel from being damaged. Then, you stand upright in a glass jar or a bowl to let the plastic out, let stand for 15 – 20 minutes. This slightly brownish-green resin can irritate the skin and should therefore be completely removed before gel removal.

Before taking the gel extract, you should wash your hands thoroughly and ensure hygiene before cutting leaves.

Aloe gel recipe

Aloe gel recipe number 1

How to make aloe vera gel

This is the most common and fastest way to prepare aloe vera gel using a blender.

What you need to prepare

  • The aloe leaves have been prepared according to the instructions above
  • Pure water
  • A sharp knife
  • Blender
  • One tablespoon
  • Chopping board
  • A small bowl

Implementation Guide

  • Use a knife to cut off the spikes of the aloe leaves
  • Continue using a knife to separate the upper skin layer to see the white aloe vera gel
  • Use a spoon or knife to gently scoop and flip the gel layer vertically. Put the gel in a clean, prepared bowl
  • Repeat this with the rest of the aloe leaves
  • After taking out the gel portion, put it all in a blender and grind on high speed for about 30 seconds
  • Turn off the device, put the gel in a glass container with a tight lid for longer use.

Aloe gel recipe number 2

How to make aloe gel at home

With this method, you can take the gel directly from the leaves. However, this recipe is without grinder intervention.

What you need to prepare

  • Aloe leaves
  • Pure water
  • A sharp knife
  • Chopping board

Implementation Guide

  • Do the same as in method 1 until using a knife to separate the upper skin to reveal the gel
  • Next, lightly scratch off the gel with a knife and place it in a glass container
  • Continue until all the gel has been extracted
  • Store the gel in the refrigerator.

Tell you how to preserve your homemade aloe vera gel

Homemade aloe vera gel is completely natural and does not contain preservatives, so to keep the gel for a long time, there are a few remedies you can consider:

  • Cool gel in tablet form: The easiest way to preserve aloe vera gel is to freeze it in pill form. You can use a plastic ice tray so you can easily remove the aloe vera gel when needed. This way, you can hold the gel for up to a year!
  • Mix honey with fresh aloe gel in a 1: 1 ratio. The natural sugar content in honey will help preserve the gel for a long time.

You see, aloe vera gel is an indispensable thing for any woman in terms of beauty care for herself. You can refer to the natural homemade gel recipes that we have suggested above to own your own quality aloe vera without having to spend any more shopping!

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