Mamigo herbal colostrum

Mamigo herbal colostrum

Mamigo Herbal Colostrum – Supports blood sugar stabilization and prevents complications – Complications of diabetes are the silent “killer” and diet is the “key” to help patients control and prevent complications. In particular, drink 2 glasses of Mamigo Diabetes Platinum herbal diabetes milk every day to help keep blood sugar stable and avoid the risk of dangerous complications for the patient.

Mamigo Diabetes Platinum is a nutritional product with scientific formula, specially formulated for diabetics, prediabetes and gestational diabetes. The product has received the love of thousands of people and helped many diabetics find the joy of living again.

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Mamigo Diabetes Platinum herbal diabetes milk

Ingredients of herbal diabetes milk Mamigo Diabetes Platinum

Cordyceps: Possessing 19 different amino acids, fats, vitamins, and trace elements, so Cordyceps is considered a superior nutritional solution to help patients improve their health. In particular, the active ingredient Cordyceps sinensis has the ability to mimic the action of insulin, promote strong sugar metabolism, assist in overcoming depression and prevent cardiovascular complications, kidney, liver, …

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Cordyceps is a good herb for diabetics

Soup: This is a highly medicinal herb, with the main chemical composition of the active ingredient GS4 (the scientific name Gymnema Sylvestre is alkaline at the 4th time). This active ingredient helps to naturally stabilize blood sugar by producing Beta cells in the pancreas, helping to increase insulin production, and preventing the absorption of sugar from the intestine into the bloodstream, causing inhibition of the neo-liver. Create Glucose into the blood, reduce blood sugar effectively. Mamigo Diabetes Platinum uses standardized tablespoon wire (GACP-WHO standardized growing and harvesting) with 2.4 times higher GS4 content than conventional Spoonbill, so it’s faster and safe for long-term use. .

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Effective effects of tablespoon wire with diabetes

Colostrum is imported directly from APS Biogroup USA

Colostrum source is from cows raised by organic methods, FDA-approved production process (US Food and Drug Administration). APS colostrum rich in nutrients, especially contains immune factors that help the patient strengthen resistance, reduce diseases caused by weather changes and increase the ability to recover from illness.


Colostrum imported from the US meets FDA standards

FOS, MUFA, Omega 6, Omega 3 support to reduce bad cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, protect the heart, enhance memory, reduce constipation …

Calcium, Vitamin D, Zinc helps enhance the flexibility of cartilage joints, increases physical activity ability.

Effects of herbal diabetes milk Mamigo Diabetes Platinum

The combination of the above ingredients gives the product outstanding effects. Mamigo Diabetes Platinum is a scientific source of nutrients to help control and stabilize the glycemic index, help prevent complications on the heart, kidneys, eyes, limbs; Improve heart health, reduce cholesterol, stabilize blood pressure; Increase absorption, support digestive system, reduce constipation. Specialized nutrition products for people with diabetes, prediabetes and gestational diabetes.

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Mechanism of action of herbal diabetes milk Mamigo Diabetes Platinum

Mamigo Diabetes Platinum is composed of benign natural herbs and does not cause side effects. The input materials are clearly tested, meeting GACP standards (good practice standards for cultivation and collection of medicinal herbs according to regulations of the World Health Organization) and FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration. ). Especially, the product has successfully applied Nano virus technology to remove active ingredients. This not only improves the effectiveness of herbs but also helps patients absorb better because Nano molecules are easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

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Diabetics drink 2-3 cups of herbal diabetes milk Mamigo Diabetes Platinum every day to replace breakfast or snack to tolerate essential nutrients. Each cup of milk provides a nutritious meal with a low GI. The product uses Isomalt sugar, which is a natural sugar processed from sugar beets. When ingested, this sugar is absorbed in the small intestine, so it does not change the glycemic index.

Mamigo Diabetes Platinum with an innovative formula that has been shown to be effective in enhancing blood sugar control and improving cardiovascular health, helping diabetics improve their quality of life through nutrition. .


Mamigo Diabetes Platinum Herbal Diabetic Milk – Support to stabilize blood sugar, prevent diabetes complications.

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