Micro-needle rolling: Solution to treat scars and beautify the skin

Micro-needle rolling: Solution to treat scars and beautify the skin

Have you heard of microscopic needles with needles poking through the skin causing damage? Although it looks scary, but this is a beauty solution that helps you solve many problems such as pitting scars, wrinkles, pigmentation marks …

The micro-needle rolling technique is very popular because it works based on the natural mechanism of the skin, thereby helping to regenerate the skin comprehensively. The implementation process of this cosmetic solution is not too complicated, but you should still learn more about side effects and how to take care of your skin after using the micro-needle for more peace of mind.

What is micro needle rolling point?

Micro-needle staining is a beauty procedure that uses tiny needles to create damage to the skin. The aim is to stimulate the natural collagen production of the skin, helping to keep the skin healthy, elastic, tighten pores and stretched with vitality.

Mechanism of micro-needle rolling

The microscopic needle rolling process uses a special needle pen to create microscopic microscopic lesions on the skin’s surface. Regular pen needles contain about 200 microscopic needles made of stainless steel with lengths from 0.25cm to 2cm.

You do not need to worry too much about rolling the micro-needle because the wounds are controlled to give the signal that the skin has been damaged. As a result, the body will accelerate collagen production and heal itself.

The process of performing micro-needle rolling

micro needle roller point

A standard point microscopy procedure typically involves the following steps:

• Facial hygiene: The dermatologist will begin cleaning the skin with makeup remover, exfoliating and gently massaging the entire face.

• Anesthesia and disinfection: The anesthetic will be applied evenly over the face and then wiped off with normal saline. Next, the skin will be dried and disinfected in preparation for the micro-needle rolling process.

• Conducting micro-needle rolling: A specialized needle roller will be rolled in multiple directions across your skin. The stab wound site may bleed slightly, but it is not of concern.

• End the process: When the procedure is finished, a serum will be applied to the treatment area to speed up the recovery of the skin.

According to dermatologists, the skin will gradually go away red after 2 days of rolling. Over the next 5 – 6 days, you will see dead skin peeling off and the skin becomes smoother.

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The benefits of micro-needle rolling

micro needle roller point

The micro-needle roller solution can be applied to treat many common skin conditions such as wrinkles, scars, pigmentation …

1. Repel skin aging process

Micro-needle rolling stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, brings a youthful look to the skin, and repels the aging process. Research shows that collagen production can be significantly improved after a number of microscopic needle roller therapy procedures.

As collagen levels increase, your skin will become more elastic and firmer. Therefore, fine lines and wrinkles in the skin can be significantly improved.

2. Treat acne scars on the skin

Acne scarring is a difficult condition to treat, but a 2009 study found that the micro-needle roller procedure can help reduce acne scars and improve skin texture. Micro-needle rolling uses a mechanism to stimulate the healing process of the skin, accelerate the production of collagen, thereby helping to refill pitted scars (concave scars) on the skin of the face.

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3. Reduces the formation of pigmentation causing pigmentation

A 2015 study concluded that micro-needle rolling can significantly reduce skin pigmentation. Micro-needle roller refreshes your skin by minimizing the appearance of dark pigmentation caused by long exposure to the sun.

The introduction of nutrients into the skin through the micro-needle roller technique helps nutrients quickly penetrate deep into the skin. This will prevent the formation of melanin pigments, reduce pigmentation and help the skin even more color.

4. Increased absorption of nutrients to the skin

In many cases, the beauty cosmetics you use are often not fully absorbed, so they are ineffective.

Micro-needle rolling can help skin creams become more effective. The reason is that the tiny holes created by the needle rolling process make your skin easier to absorb nutrients.

Note when you roll the micro-needle

micro needle roller point

The skin after going through the micro-needle rolling process is very sensitive and prone to irritation. Therefore, you need to follow the skin care instructions after treatment to quickly recover your skin. In addition, you should also know the side effects and risks before choosing this beauty routine.

1. Skin care after micro-needle rolling

To enhance the therapeutic effect, you need to pay special attention to the skin care process after the micro-needle roller.

• Drink a lot of water: You should stay hydrated to help your skin heal faster.

• Avoid sun exposure: Be sure to cover it well before going out into the sun, but never apply any sunscreen to your skin. The pores remain open after the needle is rolled and the chemicals in the sunscreen can be absorbed into the skin, causing serious skin damage.

• Avoid makeup: It takes time for your skin to recover from the microscopic needle roll. Therefore, you need to avoid makeup to limit harmful chemicals in cosmetics from affecting the skin.

• Use prescription medications: Usually, the doctor will prescribe drugs to stimulate collagen production after the needle is inserted. You need to drink fully as prescribed by your doctor to support the skin to produce collagen and quickly recover.

2. Side effects when rolling the micro-needle

One of the most common side effects of the needle roller procedure is that the skin will become irritated and red prone a few days after the procedure. See your doctor right away if you experience one of these serious side effects such as:

  • Bleed
  • Bruising
  • Skin
  • Infection

You should also not perform micro-needle rolling in the following cases:

  • Pregnant
  • There is an open wound
  • Have just undergone radiation therapy
  • A history of skin scarring
  • Have skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema

3. Risk of rolling point micro needle at home

micro needle roller point

Currently on the market there are many types of needle rollers that are thought to have the same use as the micro-needle rolling method performed at the cosmetology specialist. However, the practice of needle rolling at home is not recommended because there are many potential risks:

• Incorrect needle tip size: Most needle rollers are large in size, which can cause open wounds and can be quite painful.

• The sterilization process does not guarantee: Home rollers are also not as thoroughly sterile as professional equipment, so they increase your risk of infection. If you are having skin problems such as erythema or psoriasis, the needle roller will make the problem worse.

• Incorrect rolling technique: The technique of holding the needle roller and doing the rolling action seems easy to imitate at first glance. But actually it is a complicated process that trained professionals are able to execute properly. The needles need to be pushed in the right direction and with a sufficient depth to avoid irritation and damage to the skin.

Although it is a relatively new cosmetic solution, the effectiveness of the micro-needle roller can help the skin to recover quickly from damage and reverse the aging process. You should look to reputable beauty sites as well as strictly follow the instructions of the treating doctor to get the desired cosmetic result.

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