Mineral spray: Great friend of all skin types

Mineral spray: Great friend of all skin types

Now the mineral spray is gradually becoming an important skin care step compared to toner or moisturizer. But some people find this step unnecessary in their skin care cycle.

So does mineral spray really bring miraculous benefits to our skin? Let Health CPN find out the article below to get a convincing answer for yourself!

What is mineral spray?

Mineral spray is a cosmetic with a liquid texture in the form of a mist, is used to replenish nutrients, increase moisture and help cleanse the skin. TThe main ingredient is mineral water derived from pure hot springs, rich in minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the skin.

According to some studies, its purity and mineral content have therapeutic properties for the skin such as reducing inflammation, softening the skin, protecting and regenerating the skin …

What is mineral spray

What are the uses of mineral spray?

♥ “Refresh” the skin

This is probably the most visible use when you use any mineral spray. They help us feel refreshed and fresh right after a tiring working day or facing hot weather.

Just 1 step of mineral spray will help you feel more relaxed, comfortable and alert in all situations.

♥ Moisturize and hydrate the skin

You may not know yet, but the mineral spray has the ability to provide moisture to the skin, limit oil spills due to lack of moisture thanks to small misty water jets, helping minerals penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin.

Besides, you can use mineral sprays more often than other skin care products. You can use it anywhere and whenever you feel your skin is in need of a quick “recharge”.

♥ Immediately cleanses skin

While not the best choice for absolute skin cleansing, you can clean your skin as often as you need from a mineral spray.

This can help you to reduce dirt and residue on your face, protecting your skin from harmful bacteria quickly.

The ingredients in the mineral spray bottle will help your skin stay hydrated, help alkaline oil, and remove dirt and toxins on the skin.

♥ “Pat your skin” gently

Mineral sprays help to soothe the skin

Mineral spray is a “fire extinguishing” product in special cases such as: calming the skin when exposed to the sun, allergic rashes …

They contain essential nutrients to firmly protect the skin structure, balance the pH and prevent harmful effects from the surrounding environment.

♥ Make makeup more stable and perfect

Contrary to what we often think, spraying with the right amount does not damage your makeup, instead it also gives your makeup a longer protection.

Not only that, using mineral spray before makeup will help the foundation become smooth and smooth.

In addition, if you accidentally put on makeup that is too heavy, the use of mineral sprays is to adjust your skin to look more natural and perfect.

How to use mineral spray correctly?

how to use mineral spray

→ Using mineral sprays is relatively simple, you just need to place the spray 20-30 cm from the skin and then press the spray, move the spray to make sure the mineral water “covers” evenly over the face.

→ Under the impact of the environment and the exposure to air conditioning, the skin will appear to be dry, so you should use this “friend” 4-5 times a day to keep your skin moist and tight. smooth.

→ When exposed to the sun for many hours, the skin will be burned, uncomfortable … right now, a mineral spray will be the savior of your skin, helping your skin to comfort and soothe. quickly.

Note, many people often have a habit of shaking the bottle before spraying, but this is not always good. Some aerosols contain compressed air molecules that are not healthy for the skin, if shaken on the gas will mix into the liquid and escape with the spray.

Ideally, you should read the instructions carefully or listen to the advice of your counselor for the correct and most appropriate use.

Hopefully the above article will help you have a new and fuller perspective on the great benefits that this “friend” brings to our lovely skin.

Thuong Tran / Health CPN

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