Mistakes make serum become “death god” of the skin

Mistakes make serum become "death god" of the skin

Serum is considered a therapy to help girls “self-treat” skin problems at home. However, have you ever wondered, why using the serum “expensive to slice up” but effectively “drip” or even the opposite effect?

That’s because you choose the wrong product that your skin needs, only you can understand your skin. The use of serum for the skin is divided into many categories, corresponding to each problem and different skin type. Currently on the market there are many different types of serums such as acne serum, darkening serum, whitening serum, moisturizer, recovery … You should choose the one that suits your needs and your skin type.

If changing the specific serum product has not worked, you may have made a common mistake with the following serums.

1. Common mistakes when using serum

Common mistakes when using serum

  • Choose serum according to movement, advertising

In the face of the development of technology, the daily access to a myriad of molasses advertisements, honoring serums with the power of speed-changing skin, makes it difficult to resist the attraction. of them.

However, take a few seconds of alertness to pull yourself out of the advertising trap. Serum only really works if the use “matches” with the needs of your skin.

Serums work effectively when they are suited to your skin type. Do not be greedy or believe in multi-purpose serums.

  • Skip the lotion step, just serum will suffice

Girls often misunderstand and “deify” serums just because they often have the ability to penetrate deep into the layers of skin cells.

In essence, what is a serum? They are specialized products, in the form of liquid essences, so it makes no sense to use only serum for the last step of skin care, as they are very volatile and become useless without layers. “moisture lock” cream on the surface.

  • Serum is “of” common for all ages

With each different age, the skin’s ability to regenerate, self-repair and repair damage is completely different. If you are too young, but using high concentrations of specialties will make your skin lose the ability to “self-revive”, from which aging will visit you soon.

So it is extremely important to see if the serum you choose is for your age, and is suitable for your age.

  • Use only 1-2 times / week

Unlike face masks or acne creams, which can only be used once or twice a week, serums are a special treatment that takes time and frequent use to see the effect. fruit.

Experts recommend using at least once a day or better twice a day (morning and night before the cream step) based on clinical trial results.

So how to use serum properly, avoid waste and adverse effects?

2. The method of using serum properly

How to use serum properly

1. Clean and exfoliate the skin before using the serum

Deep, well-ventilated skin is the decisive factor for all subsequent care steps to be effective or not.

Cleansing with cleanser to remove dirt, excess oil and harmful substances throughout the day will help skin relax, gently.

Utilizing the energy from your fingertips, you move in small circles from bottom to top, from inside to out for about 1 minute for your skin to be gently massaged, deeply clean.

Exfoliation 2-3 times a week is something you must not forget if you want smooth skin and good nutrient absorption, because every day our body eliminates about 1 million dead cells on the face!

Note: You can use both physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation, but they should not be applied on the same day to avoid damaging the skin.

2. Apply the rule of 1 drop of serum per zone

For example, on our face we are usually divided into 4 areas: forehead, chin, left cheek, right cheek; As a rule of thumb, it is equivalent to spending 4 drops of serum in one use.

The skin of the neck also needs care, you can apply 1 to 2 more drops of essence to this quite sensitive skin.

3. “Liquify” the serum doubles as effective

Not as thick as lotion but not as liquid as water, serums are usually slightly denser than water. Therefore, the “liquefaction” will help the product easily penetrate quickly.

How to apply: You put the amount of essence on your hand and rub it to create warmth, then apply evenly to your face, you can apply Japanese facial massage to give the essence the opportunity to go deep into the “roots”. ” cell.

4. Apply pressure points

How to massage facial skin

After 30 seconds to 1 minute massage for the essence to penetrate, you press the palm of your hand on 4 areas of your face in turn, then gently press, do it in turn for 1 minute to help blood circulation and stimulate the essence to penetrate deeply. max.

5. “Lock” the serum with lotion

Depending on the needs of each skin type, you can choose creams for oily skin, acne or whitening, moisturizing, and anti-aging.

But it is imperative that you “buy” a bottle of cream for the last step to end the daily skin care cycle, if you do not want the “divine” serum to evaporate into the air, wasting money but not efficiency.

Serum is a solution that helps you shorten skin care time, give you a bright, spotless face as well as prolong skin life if you use it properly and correctly.

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