Natural makeup makes you more adorable

Natural makeup makes you more adorable

Are you afraid of elaborate makeup but still want to conceal your blemishes and enhance your natural beauty every time you date? Natural makeup will keep you fresh, radiant and still lovely because you don’t use thick cosmetics!

Natural make-up focuses on basic skincare steps and gentle color schemes to bring out the serenity and tenderness of the face. Here are 8 notes to help you with natural makeup that can be applied to many situations such as dating, walking around, going to work, picnics …

1. Pay attention to skin care

Daily skin care is the basic and most important step in all makeup recipes. A healthy skin will help protect the skin under the influence of cosmetics.

Remember to keep your skin moisturized day and night. If your skin is dry, you can use a night cream to add the necessary moisture to help retain moisture.

Natural makeup will put the most emphasis on skincare to give you a fresh and radiant skin.

2. Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the most important steps in protecting your skin, helping to keep it free from harmful UV rays. Skin frequently exposed to direct sunlight will dull, lose elasticity and rapidly age.

You can skip the sunscreen application step because you think that the foundation foundation and BB cream have sun protection functions. Sometimes you get annoyed by the greasy consistency when you apply sunscreen. However, even though makeup creams often come with an SPF, you should still apply sunscreen before putting on makeup.

Sunscreen is an important step not to be missed when applying makeup, but if you are uncomfortable with a cream-based sunscreen, switch to a spray instead.

3. Natural makeup with light and thin water powder

Natural makeup with water chalk

Cushion (Cushion) is a step that cannot be ignored when performing natural makeup. If you are using foundation, you might consider switching to water powder to both save time and have a soft, light foundation.

Powder can save you time on normal makeup because it combines foundation steps, concealer and powder. You just need to take a sponge and press gently on the powder and apply gently to the skin, wait about 1 minute for the foundation to dry on its own and you will have a naturally smooth, thin foundation.

When you apply chalk, go to a bright spot to match the amount. Remember to apply powder on the skin of the neck to make the skin look even and the most natural makeup.

4. Use a suitable concealer

Skin imperfections such as freckles, brown spots, scars, acne, dark circles … can be completely overcome with a suitable concealer. However, using concealer can cause the skin to be applied in a slightly different color from the overall face, so you will need to apply a little more foundation to help your skin evenly color.

Each line of concealer has different uses, so be sure to choose the right cream for each skin condition. You can choose a concealer according to the following suggestions:

  • Blue for red skin
  • Pink for swollen skin
  • Orange or yellow for dark areas, uneven skin color

Concealer will help you have a more natural and perfect makeup style. You should avoid applying the cream too thick because it will easily stain, uneven and lose your natural beauty.

5. Natural makeup with neutral colors for the eyes

Natural makeup with neutral colors

Natural makeup will limit the color of the eyelids to avoid feeling heavy on the eyes. Recommended tones are neutral colors with pale tones such as brown, pink or coral.

The secret to choosing the right eye tone is based on your skin tone. As a general rule, you should choose colors that do not match your eye color, and avoid colors that are too bright and stand out because it is easy to reveal eye defects.

Brown eyeliner will make your eyes softer and more natural, while the black eyeliner will add emphasis to sharper eyes. Also, do not forget to pay attention to brush mascara to make your lashes curl softly.

You should wear thin eyeliner and choose gentle colors to match your natural makeup style. The last coat of mascara will help complete the makeup step, helping you to achieve lovely big round eyes.

6. Natural makeup with gentle blushes

Blush will bring out natural beauty with a rosy and healthy complexion. You can use any powder or cream of your choice to brush blush. Choose basic tones like orange or peach and spread evenly across your cheeks in a circular motion.

If you want to break it a bit, you can add a few spots on the cheeks. To create natural freckles, use a brown eyeliner pencil to dot small spots around the cheeks and gently spread the freckles with your fingertips to gently spread the color.

When applying natural makeup to blushes, be gentle and careful not to blush on your cheeks. If the color is too dark by mistake, you can use the brush to dab some foundation and spread it on top.

7. Principles of lipstick lipstick

Lipsticks or tinted lipsticks will bring sweet and lovely beauty no matter what color you choose. The basic principle of this lipstick is to use two different tones on the lip and lip to create a natural gradation effect. You can refer to some of the following popular lipstick lipsticks:

Brush lipstick with water lipstick

The lipstick has a fairly liquid lipstick and a light shine that is suitable for you to brush on lipstick. You apply lipstick at three points on the inner lip (one point between the lips and two points on the sides near the corner of the lips). Then, you use a brush or use your fingers to spread the three points together, then spread lightly about 2/3 of the lips until you reach the beautiful color as desired.

Brush your lipstick with a matte lipstick

Son has a beautiful, standard color that is durable and long-lasting. You can use the same lipstick steps above with matte lipstick. To emphasize lips, you can gently apply a layer of lip gloss inside the lips to make lips more plump.

Brush lipstick with two matte lipstick colors

In this way, you will use a lipstick as a foundation and a dark lipstick as an accent, but the two colors should be in the same tone. Two commonly used color pairs are nude orange – pink orange / red and pink – purple rose.

Apply a light lipstick to the lips for the foreground, then continue to apply a dark lipstick on the center of the lips and use your fingers or a brush to spread the effect like the one used with the one-color brush above. .

Use lipstick to combine matte lipstick and lipstick

You use a light matte lipstick to create a base color for your lips. Then, use a dark colored lipstick to paint the lips according to the three-point rule as in the recipe above. Please pay attention not to apply lipstick too much because it may affect the original color of the foundation.

To make your lips smoother and smoother, you need to get rid of dry patches on your lips by applying a thick layer of lip balm, then scrubbing lightly with a cotton swab before starting to paint.

8. Draw eyebrows in harmony with the face

Draw eyebrows in harmony

There was a time when the girls liked the American-style arched eyebrows or the Korean bold horizontal shape. Today’s natural makeup style emphasizes the soft minimalism of the eyebrows.

As a natural makeup look, you don’t need to use too much lead or eyebrow powder. Instead, you’ll focus on harmony by brushing each brow strand for a natural, thick feel. If you already have thick eyebrows, it will be more advantageous to wip your eyebrows into strands. However, girls with thin eyebrows can rely on eyeliner exclusively for eyebrows and shaping gel to make their eyebrows more even but still retain their natural beauty.

Minimalistic eyebrow trend does not focus on the density of the eyebrows, but on the evenness of the hairs so that they look natural and in harmony with other facial contours.

Simple and natural makeup will bring out the lovely lines instead of using overly thick cosmetics. Gentle makeup will create a sense of elegance on your face and help you look much younger than your real age!

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