Nutritional Information: Why Diet Don’t Work

You are never going to stick to a diet, Now the main reason for this because they are literally designed to fail, you are thrown in at the deep of a diet, it’s a strict change of all of the things that you might to do and we all know that change is really stressful, well let you start a new job whenever you move house, whenever you change the environment that you are in it’s really stressful it takes time for you to adapt to that.

Diets are exactly the same when you start a new diet up you are changing almost everything that you already know about nutritional information and food and your habits and this takes a lot of stress in your life to achieve the reason that you are never going to stick to it is because A it’s not for you and B it’s stressful and so you are going to slowly make little excuses to change back to what you find non stressful this is the same for all diets because what they are going to do is they are going to go okay.

Currently you are reaching however you like and you are not really tracking anything and your body is not the way you want it and someone’s going to go right paleo alright Cambridge style or right this work for my friends, so you do it you are going to go from here and you are going to make of these changes, so over here and then you are going to doing this for a certain amount of time.

You are going to find a really difficult and so slowly you are going to go back to where you started and see what is not really going to change that much maybe you lost some weight in the process but actually you will probably just put it back on because you are going to be so stressed after doing all of these changes in the first place what’s more smarter, what’s more smarter, what’s the smart thing to do, or¬†nutritional information,

Make small little changes things that allow you to become adjusted

Make small little changes things that allow you to become adjusted

To the things that become normal to you, So you make a small process change something that’s not really that difficult you just change really have the breakfast for example instead of grabbing a cereal bar or getting a fruit salad you are going to have like eggs on toast just an example you don’t actually have to have a son the point is you make a small change and something that you can just get into your life,

Something that’s habitual, something that over time you don’t even think about because it’s just something that you do then when that happens, You can add something new in, these small little changes allow you to make consistent changes over time.

So instead of just going from here all the way to here and then back you are going to go by this and then you are going to get it and you get it like yeah this is easy because i am used to this, this is when i am happy this is the comfort zone and you are not going to jump all the way back to the start because that’s what most people do when they die they go oh yeah to here and then i know this is where you are back to that all that you set up like that,

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Because You are not actually learning Nutritional Information

because You are not actually learning Nutritional Information

because You are not actually learning Nutritional Information

You are not learning about the foods, nutritional information, that will make you fat, you are not learning about the foods that will make you thin up or lose weight or lose fat or get bigger you are not learning about too, you don’t know you are just following somebody else and then when they stop giving you information you don’t know what we are going to do there,

Especially if it’s just one of those diet plans where someone’s injured PDF and it’s got one day breakfast to make this Monday lunch unique this you are like okay i am a sheep, i am just going to follow what somebody else tells me to do instead of actually learning for yourself,

This is where they are happy this is like comfort zone self instead of being like oh jumping from left to right as a witness to the fun place little squeak or like a mouse over, that’s why you are always going to fail out diet because you don’t learn, because they don’t teach you they are set up to fail and you make far too big a change in a far to small a time.

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