Playlist of gym music to help you exercise more effectively

Playlist of gym music to help you exercise more effectively

Music has always been a nourishing remedy for the mind and body, especially for activities that consume a lot of energy and cause fatigue like gymnastics. Many studies show that music gives you more energy and boosts your training both quantity and quality.

Playlist music for practice

According to a survey of Spotify (one of the most popular music channels today) has done over 1500 users to find out their favorite song and the reason that they love that song. As a result, 40% of music listeners say that these songs have the right rhythm for them to move to the correct rhythm and the remaining 47% say they use simple music to forget that they are practicing. sports.

Please refer to the following 10 songs to create your own playlist and listen to them every time you practice!

1. “Shut up and dance” by Walk The Moon

This amazing 80’s handshake melody can give you more inspiration and positivity every time you practice.

2. “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys

This is a great song to help strengthen your legs.

3. “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake, Lil Jon

This is a song that has “stormed” on many charts and if you have heard this song, you will definitely not be able to ignore it in your practice playlist.

4. “Walking on Sunshine” – Katrina and the Waves

This song has a pretty quick melody and the inspirational chorus “Isn’t this great” (Don’t it feel good).

5. “Dance with Me Tonight” – Olly Murs

A little rhythmic pop from this pop can make your day brighter.

The above playlist is not only just vibrant songs, but also has metronome sections that are very suitable for gym activities to help you keep your workout rhythm and avoid losing energy while exercising. However, you should choose songs with rhythms that suit your health, avoid choosing songs with a rhythm that is too fast that will make you exhausted or too slow will not bring real results for you. . Wish you will have exciting and energetic gym hours with the above song options.

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