What is Public Health Know Little More About

Public health which is very good question there are a lot of definitions out there trying to term are trying to explain this term to you, Public health is promoting and protecting the health of people in the communities where they live, learn, work and play, The World Health Organization defines public health as referring to all organized measures to prevent disease promote health and prolong life among the population as a whole,

Wikipedia explains that the focus of public health intervention is to improve the health in the quality of life through prevention and treatment of disease and other physical and mental health conditions in my textbook public health is defined as the science and the art of protecting and improving the health of communities through education promotion of healthy lifestyles and research for disease injury prevention a few words that i like to try to jump out you as prevention population community healthy lifestyle research implementation program it all leads up to this promoting healthy lifestyles and all the disciplines that are involved with that as a public health professional and it just really helps you answer the question,

What Public Health is all About

What Public Health is all About

What Public Health is all About

When explaining and trying to explain to somebody maybe what public health i explain it is a field that focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to plan and to implement effective ways to promote health through act for a community excuse me and protects health for individuals in that community, we also want to promote healthy behavior choices another reason why i say that public health is multidisciplinary is because it kind of explains the curriculum that i have here at Ohio University as a public health student,

I have taken courses in epidemiology which is critical for the disease injury prevention it you really learn how to track diseases in because of that we take a course a stats course and also a microbiology course that just helps us with a better understanding of that we also take health behavior theory, health promotion and education we take courses in occupational health and environmental health and other poor health science classes such as anatomy and physiology, we take chemistry and so on.

I just wanted to add that in because i think it also just explains how we are exposed to all the different academic disciplines that make intervention possible if you know sort of reiterates that idea that there are multiple things that go into this field in order to have a successful career as a public health professional to give you sort of a better understanding some campaign examples for public health have been a motor vehicle safety there have been campaigns for a safer workplace healthier mothers babies better access to family planning control of infection diseases back in vaccinations campaigns for recognition of tobacco as a health hazard,

Campaigns for safer healthier foods, safe drinking water and so on, there are three is that i like to refer to when i am trying to define public health to somebody else and those are prevent, promotes and protects and that’s really easy way to sum it up and sort of help you explain and navigate this sort of complicated field but in all we make communities and populations healthier, we focus on a group of people we do research it’s prevention work it’s intervention work mostly through programs and research, so it’s a super awesome field.

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