Quality Nutrition Awareness

What we want to eat, how to eat, when to eat it, quality nutrition, But let’s keep it simple there are two main and important things you can do,

1. The Quality Of Your Food

The Quality Of Your Food

The Quality Of Your Food

The quality of food (Quality Nutrition) is most important, i want you to look how cross this food is in a scale of 1 to 10 when one is the food from Mother Nature or as unprocessed as possible in our busy city life and 10 the opposite.

So for example if you take a tomato versus ketchup or grass-fed meat versus sausages or let’s take fruit versus biscuit the highly processed food the link contain bad quality fats, low sugar and salt and all those three things are there to make you hooked, the more you eat the more you are more you want them more, it’s easy to overeat on them is easy to binge and after a while you want to know to fix.

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2. If Your Diet is Balanced

If Your Diet is Balanced

If Your Diet is Balanced

Balanced diet And balancing macronutrients which are the big food groups, good quality protein because quality fats, good quality carbs and also water, The problem in our modern society is that we have a tendency overdo with carbs and especially with bad quality carbs, because they are highly available, they are for you to grab on the go,

but as you can guess bad quality nutrition they have bad quality fats, those of sugar sold and they are highly addictive, So why don’t I say is the fool you eat becomes you, You get energy of it your life and if you eat bad quality food the energy you get out of it is not so good and unbalanced, basically food you eat is the best infant investment but you can give yourself it’s the best health.

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