Redness: Red alert of prolonged stress

Redness: Red alert of prolonged stress

Being under pressure and prolonged stress is also one of the causes of severe red acne, easy to see in young people. From work to life, everything can ruin your skin if it’s not balanced. So how to get rid of stress? What is the key to preventing stress-induced red acne?

Forgetting an appointment early in the day, or forgetting to check an important email last night can also make us feel stressed from 7am. After that, the mind “danced around” with dozens of jobs in the office until it was very dark, if you cannot balance your work and life, your stress situation will worsen and last longer. You won’t notice until you start to look in the mirror and see red blemishes on your face.

Dermatologists have shown that: If you experience prolonged stress, the kidneys will be severely affected, one of the causes of non-human red acne.

Therefore, a heavy life can not only harm your health and spirit but also damage your skin!

So why do red pimples happen when you’re stressed out?

Why do red blemishes happen when you are stressed

Dermatologist Michele Green, If you have very sensitive, acne-prone skin, being under constant stress can make your skin condition worse as the body’s hormones are released, New York says. inflammation.

Basically, your skin will go defensive at the first sign of stress. Hormones include cortisol and adrenal androgen, plus neuropeptides are released to protect your body. Unfortunately, this also inflames the sebaceous glands, causing acne problems.

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According to Green, you can easily recognize yourself under stress with signs: Increasing the number of red, red, redheads, whiteheads in a short time.

However, the good news is that you can control stress and prevent acne problems from occurring.

How to get rid of red acne caused by stress?

How to get rid of stress acne

  • Choose a method of topical medication

The first thing you should do is go to a local pharmacy, and opt for over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid topicals. This method only applies to red acne that grows scattered, not too heavy.

  • Use medical gauze to reduce redness and swelling

If your pimple is large, painful, use a warm or cold medical compress over the area to relieve the pain and redness.

  • Use an ice cube

Ice or ice cubes can help you effectively overcome red acne immediately. Better suggestion, you can make your own green tea ice cubes instead.

Some clinical trials have proven the “miraculous” use of green tea leaves in the treatment of acne such as: Reducing sebum production, anti-inflammatory, anti-infection extremely economical, amazing effectiveness. .

  • Reduce acne with alpha hydroxy acid

Using alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) products can also help remove dead skin, unclog pores, and soften and brighten the skin’s surface, limiting inflammation that causes acne.

  • Healthy diet and activities

You know, food always has an invisible “gravity” that is hard to resist, especially in times of stress and pressure, the more we cannot refuse sweet, fried food. delicious, delicious fried.

However, sweets or deep-fried hot and greasy fried foods can lose the ability to control oil, affecting the digestive system, so acne has a chance to break out and invade the skin’s surface. friend.

  • Form a habit of getting enough sleep, avoid staying up late
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Sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, not only very good for health but also helps improve skin effectively. Because the excretory organs in the body have enough time to complete the task of cleansing, excreting toxins and the nervous system is also relaxed, releasing bad energy.

If the redness doesn’t go away, change your skincare routine

Changing your skin care routine can help reduce acne

When there are acne problems, it is when the skin is very fragile and weak. The use of old cleansing or skin care products may no longer be appropriate.

Make sure that you are still using skin cleansing products that help balance pH, unclog pores, and do not contain harmful ingredients such as fragrance, alcohol, and parabens. If you do not meet the above requirements, you should think about changing products, minimum and benign skin care procedures.

Prevent red blemishes before they begin due to prolonged stress

Exercise effectively prevents acne

Instead of spending money or time to take care of your skin at the spa, see your doctor regularly, you can now effectively prevent acne and reduce stress at home with these simple methods:

  • Join exercise, sports

You can choose a subject you like and suitable for you such as: yoga, meditation, walking, jogging, gym …

  • Change study and work schedule

What is too much is not good, you can easily fall into the spiral of study or work if you do not control and allocate your time properly. Take the time to take care of yourself and relax more like: reading a book, chatting with friends, watching your favorite movie, or simply taking a deep breath to refresh your spirit.

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Redheads can have many causes, but one of them can also be caused by the stress or stress you have to endure over a long period of time. Do not worry too much about dealing with acne that is uncomfortable, unsightly, now you can completely overcome and effectively prevent the sudden “burning” acne caused by stress itself.

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