Regular nail polish beneficial or harmful?

Regular nail polish beneficial or harmful?

Nail beauty is something girls love and consider it as important as daily facials. However, did you know that in order to have beautiful nails, we have to “suffer” exposure to many different nail polishes. If you paint your nails regularly, it means you are damaging your nails.

A common nail polish bottle is composed of a coloring element and a liquid polish, mainly consisting of acetone, ethyl acetate, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde. Among the harmful substances in nail polish, the most dangerous are the three substances dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene that have a serious impact on the health of users as well as professionals. Let Health CPN learn more about this issue!

Yellow nails

Scientists believe that nail polish has a lot of beautiful colors due to the abundance of pigment ingredients, including a variety of mineral pigments, synthetic pigments. These pigments, when exposed for a long time, will yellow or darken nails.


Onychomycosis caused by the fungus candida or trychophyton is very common for women who wear their nails regularly. When onychomycosis appears, you will see white milky spots near the base of the nail, causing inflammation. If you do not find this condition early, you can easily spread the disease through nail tools when you are using it with others.

Nails are prone to thinning and weakness

As you know, in nail polish contains formaldehyde. The formaldehyde in gel polish is the culprit in brittle and brittle nails.

Affect the fetus

If the body of a pregnant woman absorbs toluence for a long time it can cause miscarriage or fetal deformity. Toluence is a substance found in gasoline used in nail polish to help smooth, long-lasting nail polish. However, using too much of this chemical can greatly affect the central nervous system, harming fertility in women, and fetal health. So, you should consider whether to paint your nails during pregnancy.

Affects the nervous system

If you smell the nail polish and are exposed to it too often, you will have nervous system problems. In nail polish contains triphenlyphosphate and it affects the brain because it acts as a neurotoxin. In addition, toluene is present in nail polish when it evaporates in the air, irritating the nerves, eyes, throat and lungs.

Risk of cancer

According to experts, the formaldehyde in nail polish is a carcinogen that, if inhaled, can cause respiratory failure. Also according to a recent study, sudan in nail polish is a highly toxic chemical that, if used regularly, this toxin accumulates, also causing a high risk of cancer.

If you do not want yourself to have these conditions, then practice breaking the habit of nail polish regularly. When going to a party or going out, you can still beautify your nails, but most importantly, you should paint nails 5–6 times a year is just enough.

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