Revealing how to effectively treat hidden acne at home

Revealing how to effectively treat hidden acne at home

Whether you’re having a headache from obnoxious hidden pimples, or good luck having flawless skin, one of the best ways to deep clean pores and give skin a boost Pink, smooth is the way to steam your face.

Facial bath (facial steam) is one of the skin beauty treatments that uses heat from the steam, acting on the skin to expand pores and capillaries, helping to remove dirt, sebum, and toxins. factor accumulation hidden deep under the skin.

When performing a steam bath to treat hidden acne, the hot steam not only helps soften acne, but also stimulates the production of collagen, helping to soften and smooth the skin and help you reduce stress after a tiring working day.

Benefits of steaming face to treat hidden acne

Often times, hidden pimples arise from improper skin cleaning, clog pores. Therefore, steaming your face will help open up pores and remove dirt that accumulates on the skin, remove dirt and excess oil naturally.

Facial wash is a method of purifying the skin, eliminating toxins from the body. Your skin will be balanced, healthier. Not only that, but also face bath can help you to feel and prevent illness.

the benefits of a face bath

  • Kills bacteria and acne-causing cells

During the treatment of hidden acne, the facial steam will help to easily remove dead cells, bacteria and impurities on the skin. Removing these agents will help clear the skin of acne.

When you face a facial, blood flow increases, leading to an increase in production collagen and elastin in the face. These are two proteins that make skin firmer and younger looking.

Busy work makes you stressful but has no time to relieve stress? an ideal “cleansing” of the soul is facial steam.

If you want to relax even more, add a few herbs or essential oils with a smell you like. Here’s a simple way to do home aromatherapy.

  • Helps reduce sinus inflammation

If you have a sinus infection with a headache, steaming your face can alleviate it. You can add a number of essential oils to help clear the nasal passages into the steam to make your sinuses more effective.

How to properly treat hidden acne

Step 1: Boil a little water in a saucepan.

You just need a few glasses of water and then boil the water on the stove or in the microwave.

Step 2: Wash your face clean.

wash your face before steaming your face to treat hidden acne

While the water boils, rinse your face to remove makeup and dirt.

Removing make-up and using a gentle facial cleanser is essential before steaming because the hot steam will open up your pores and anything on your face can penetrate deep into the skin causing irritation. Allergy and acne prone.

Step 3: Fill the bowl with hot water.

Pour hot water into a glass bowl or you can immediately use the pot of water you just boiled.

Step 4: Add in herbs or natural essential oils.

Essential oils for acne treatment hidden

You can add in some fresh or dried herbs or essential oils with a fragrance that is beneficial to the skin.

Step 5: Cover the head with a towel.

face towel

Cover your head and pot with a haircloth, bow about 2 inches from the pot and relax for about ten minutes. Close your eyes and breathe evenly to let the heat hit your face and open your pores.

Step 6: Use toner (rose water) to tighten pores.

Apply toner after steaming face

Using toner after steaming will help your face firmer and fresher, while tightening pores and removing impurities that are harmful to the skin.

Step 7: Apply moisturizer to your face.

Apply moisturizer after steaming face

The final step in steaming your face is to apply moisturizer to make your skin smoother and softer.

Facial steam actually dries out the skin, so this is an important step, helping the skin to best absorb the skin’s nourishing nutrients while replenishing the skin’s essential moisture.


→ When you do, keep your face a safe distance from the steam to avoid being burned by steam or causing your face to be red …

→ Just steam 1-2 times / week for 10-15 minutes each time. Do not overdo steam because the skin will be dehydrated, dry, increase sebum, appear more wrinkles.

A facial wash for hidden acne is one of the best acne treatments and skin smoothing methods. Under the impact of heat, the pores will begin to open and quickly remove dirt and toxins from the skin. Thanks to that, hidden acne will also gradually disappear. Be persistent, combine with proper nutrition and activities to bring the best results to your skin.

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