Reveals 5 magical benefits from apple cider vinegar cleansing

Reveals 5 magical benefits from apple cider vinegar cleansing

Washing your face with apple cider vinegar is a simple yet extremely effective beauty treatment, helping you to have a rosy, healthier and softer skin every day.

Tired of using facial cleanser every day? You want to find natural ingredients for deep cleansing but still make your skin always healthy, white and radiant.

No need to go anywhere, even in your lovely kitchen, there is an extremely effective beauty assistant and is not inferior to any expensive product, that is apple cider vinegar.

Join Health CPN to learn about the amazing benefits that apple cider vinegar brings to our beautiful skin!

Prevent and reduce age spots

Using a dilute apple cider vinegar solution to wash your face every day is one of the simple methods to reduce age spots on the skin.

According to Dr. Doug Willen: “Apple cider vinegar contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), a substance that works to remove dead skin cells and pigmentation spots, helping to nourish healthy, firm and used skin. Used in many expensive beauty cosmetics “.

Usage is extremely simple, you just need to dilute apple cider vinegar with water 1: 1 ratio and then wash your face daily. Alternatively, you can use a cotton ball soaked in diluted apple cider vinegar and dab it directly over the age spots. Wait about 30 minutes then rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth. Apply this method twice a day and do it regularly for 6 weeks, and you will see unexpected results.

Washing your face with apple cider vinegar helps reduce age spots

Fight away acne stubborn bruises

Acne and dark spots left by acne or sunburn are always a worry of women. The good news is that with apple cider vinegar, you won’t have to spend too much money on the acne treatment products on the market. The reason is that apple cider vinegar contains many powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, which have the ability to destroy and prevent the appearance of acne-causing bacteria.

In addition to using diluted apple cider vinegar to wash your face, you can also dab a small amount of diluted vinegar on the acne-prone skin (avoid skin sores, open wounds), leave for about half an hour and then rinse with clean water. After only 2-3 times of doing this, the pimples and annoying bruises will completely disappear.

Washing your face with apple cider vinegar helps to fight away acne

Balances moisture and shrink pores

According to dermatologist Karen Hammerman: “If you wash your face with apple cider vinegar diluted with clean water 3-4 times a week, it can help balance the pH of the skin, as well as Balances the production of sebum, keeps the skin neither too dry nor too greasy, so the skin is smooth and youthful ”.

Apple cider vinegar is also used by many women instead of toner (rose water) because they both have a cleansing effect and support the balance of oily oils on the skin, effectively shrinking pores. To make apple cider vinegar toner, mix one part apple cider vinegar and one part water together. You can also get a little creative with this solution, like adding some green tea, aloe vera gel or witch hazel …

Shrink pores

Washing your face with apple cider vinegar improves and prevents wrinkles

Apple cider vinegar is also used as a cosmetic in preventing the appearance of wrinkles and slowing the aging process on the skin. Simply dilute apple cider vinegar to wash your face or soak a cotton or cotton cloth in diluted apple cider vinegar and smooth it over your skin. Rinse off with warm water, then pat dry skin without drying with a towel.

Washing your face with apple cider vinegar helps prevent wrinkles

Removes toxins, deeply cleanses the skin

Many studies show that washing your face with apple cider vinegar diluted with water every day will kill toxins and give you beautiful, smooth skin.

Because apple cider vinegar has strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it helps to deeply clean pores, and prevent the appearance of blemishes. You can use it to perfectly clean your skin, or treat any signs of infection caused by acne.

excretion of toxins

*** Notes on washing your face with apple cider vinegar

  • Choose a benign apple cider vinegar, avoid products that use chemicals that cause skin irritation. Because of vinegar Apple is a strong substance (acidic) so it’s best to dilute it with water and then apply it to your face, since the acidity can damage your skin. After a while as your skin gets used to the apple cider vinegar, you can slowly increase the amount of apple cider vinegar. This also depends on your skin’s stamina. Remember, before serving, shake the solution well so that the apple cider vinegar and water are mixed well.
  • When you first use apple cider vinegar, rinse it off with warm water after five minutes. This is to avoid over-exposure to the apple cider vinegar. If the skin is not allergic, then you do not need to wash it off next time. In this way, you can increase the skin’s stamina. It is better to use apple cider vinegar toner at night because apple cider vinegar can increase sensitivity to ultraviolet rays (during the day). Therefore, when using apple cider vinegar to beautify your skin, you need to carefully shield your skin and do not forget to use sunscreen every day!
  • Avoid sun exposure after consuming apple cider vinegar. Please apply sunscreen carefully and cover thoroughly before going to the street!

As an indispensable ingredient to enhance the flavor of dishes, apple cider vinegar is also an effective assistant in the care and protection of women ‘s beauty. By persistently washing your face with apple cider vinegar, Health CPN believes your skin will become youthful and visibly rosy!

Thuong Tran / Health CPN

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