Science proves that drying clothes at night is harmful to health

Science proves that drying clothes at night is harmful to health

The habits late in the day often have negative effects on our health such as staying up late, eating at night or taking a bath at night. Besides, the seemingly harmless job of drying clothes at night is also extremely harmful to human health.

Life is busy and worrying, people often spend many hours working outside during the day and come home late at night. So will not avoid washing at night. However, in addition to spirituality, science has proven that this is a bad habit for health. Let’s find out about this with Bach Khoa XANH.

firstWhy should not dry clothes at night?

Why should not dry clothes at night?

In terms of feng shui or spirituality, dry clothes at night brings bad effects on the wearer’s health and also brings bad luck, especially in the month of soul.

In terms of science, drying clothes at night will affect health as follows:

– The weather at night is often foggy, with high humidity, so dry clothes now make clothes dry long, moldy, bacteria, quickly rot and spoil.

– Besides, if you wear moldy clothes, many bacteria will take a long time Causes many allergic diseases for the wearer, especially children.

2Instructions on how to properly dry clothes

Drying clothes also need to know how and useful precautions for drying as follows:

Clothing should be Dry in a cool, spacious place, avoid places with high humidity and lots of dirt

drying clothes properly

Have a habit of turning clothes on and off both when washing and drying. You should Dry your clothes in the sun, especially white ones. Note that the sunlight is not too strong, if the sun is too strong, it can be exposed to the shade to keep the color and durability of the fabric.

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Worried about drying your clothes in cold weather, with more rain or less wind? You Add a pinch of salt water to the final conditioner when washing. Here’s a tip to make clothes drier faster.

After the laundry is finished, you Do not soak in a basin or washing machine for too long. This can be the cause of your clothes to be moldy, the environment conducive to bacteria growth, causing unpleasant odors on clothes and causing them to deteriorate more quickly.

Do not soak in a basin or washing machine for too long

After the clothes are dry, you fold neatly and neatly put in a cupboard.

Drying clothes seems to be a simple everyday job, but there are such very important notes. Failure to pay attention can cause negative effects on our health. Hopefully, with useful information that Bach Khoa XANH brings to you will help you gain more understanding on this issue to protect your health and your family’s health.

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