Search for popular cleansers on the market today

Search for popular cleansers on the market today

Although most people are familiar with the concept of using a “face wash” every day, in reality facial cleansing products come in many forms. Creams, gels, foaming forms … and each skin type needs a different cleansing product.

Choosing the right one and using a good cleanser should be the first step in the skin care process. Hold Its texture and cleansing ability corresponds to each skin type to help you choose the most suitable product to take care of your beloved skin every day.

What is cleanser?

Facial cleanser is the common name for skin cleansing products that help to remove dirt, reduce excess oil on the skin, make skin softer and more beautiful, from which skin care products will be absorbed. and get optimal efficiency.

In addition to cleaning the skin, cleanser also has the ability to aid in the treatment of skin conditions. For example, cleanser treats acne, lightens dark areas, enhances the skin’s resistance, counteracts the harmful effects of the environment …

However, each skin type needs different cleaning products. Therefore, let’s Hello Bacsi learns about the 5 most popular face cleansers today, to “listen” to my skin will need to use which product.

Discover 5 popular types of face wash today

1. Oil form (Cleansing Oil)

As the name suggests, cleansing oil is known as a face cleanser that contains mainly oil (also known as makeup remover oil), does not create foam when used, can be used as a mild makeup remover. and does not exert strong impact on the skin’s surface.

Using: You should put the product in hand and then rub the palm of your hand to create natural heat and then apply it to the skin, combined with the proper facial massage to achieve maximum clean results, the time is about 2-3 minutes. to ensure that harmful impurities have been removed, then emulsify the oil layer with warm water (1-2 minutes).

oil cleanser

Emulsifying is a very important step to transform the oil into milky milky form that completely removes impurities on the skin. However, after using an oily cleanser, you should wash your face again with a foaming cleanser to wash away any excess oil!

  • Advantages: Deeply cleans any dirt on the skin.
  • Defect: It is important to wash your face thoroughly to remove any remaining oil on your skin.

2. Cream form (Cream Wash / Cream Cleanser / Cleansing Cream)

The cream-type cleanser has a thick creamy texture and is fortified with nutrients, giving it the feeling of being applied with a cream after each use. This product helps to remove makeup powder and remove water-insoluble dirt thanks to its oily ingredients and some other nutrients.

Extremely soft, gentle foam will leave a thin film on the skin after it is completely washed, leaving the skin moist, smooth and smooth at the same time.Yes Ability to reduce dry and aging skin conditions.

cream cleanser

  • Advantages: Doesn’t cause skin to feel dry after use. Suitable for dry skin and cold climates.
  • Defect: Need to wash your face thoroughly, it is best to rinse it again with a foam cleanser to deep clean the skin.

3. Foaming / Milk-type cleanser (Foaming, Cleansing Milk)

Surely this is a popular cleaning line for women, with the best balance of oil and water ratio, can be in the form of milk, or in the form of foam. Thanks to that, the microscopic particles easily penetrate deep inside the pores, wash away dirt, quickly remove sebum and “knock away” bacteria.. The product has a thin, light texture so it can be used for almost all skin types.

  • Advantages: Able to effectively remove dirt and excess oil from the skin.
  • Defect: Foam products are all alkaline so your skin will feel a little tingling after using it. So, use more toner to equal your skin’s pH!

foaming form

4. Gel form (Cleansing Gel / Jelly Foam)

Contrary to the “fluttering” feeling of a foam cleanser, a gel cleanser is a mild gel that does not contain much oil and has a gentle cleansing effect. The gel cleanser will deeply clean the skin, and will not affect the skin’s natural moisture.

  • Advantages: Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin or dehydrated skin, dry skin, thanks to the high proportion of water in the ingredients, you will feel cool, gentle and not dry.
  • Defect: Since the gel-based product is quite light, it is impossible to remove all makeup, so you need to use an additional makeup remover or choose a facial cleansing gel that incorporates makeup remover ingredients to deeply clean your skin.

gel cleanser

5. Scrub / Exfoliating Cleanser

Scrub – Facial cleanser with extra particles, helps to exfoliate, deep clean pores, blow away dirt and sebum residue on the surface of the skin of women after just a few gentle massage. Because of that use, the granular cleanser is suitable for girls who face oily skin and large pores – the main cause of acne, blackheads.


  • Advantages: Is a combination of cleanser and exfoliant, suitable for oily skin and large pores.
  • Defect: Do not use every day because it is easy to erode the skin, gradually causing dark spots and skin damage.

Knowing the texture and the corresponding cleansing ability of each skin type for each skin type will help you choose the most suitable product to effectively care and treat skin problems every day.

Thuong Tran / Health CPN

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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