Should you go to the gym after drinking alcohol?

Should you go to the gym after drinking alcohol?

You have a regular gym schedule in the afternoon after the end of the game, but you cannot miss the scheduled drinking session with your colleagues. Should you go to the gym after drinking alcohol?

Getting together every afternoon after work is also considered a popular entertainment way many people. Especially on hot summer days, men love to drink beer with friends after work. However, many people’s gym time is often arranged in the afternoon in the same time frame. Many times you will wonder if exercising after drinking alcohol or drinking alcohol after exercising has any effect on your health.

Health CPN will share the advice of experts on this issue below so that you should see if you should go to the gym after drinking.

Change in body after drinking alcohol

As soon as you enjoy an alcoholic drink, you initiate a series of physiological changes in your body. Once ingested, alcohol enters the stomach and is absorbed through the small intestine. Next, alcohol will go to blood vessels and affect organs in the body, especially brain activity, protein, hormone synthesis …

You will easily feel the effects of alcohol such as blushing, reddening of the skin, decreased judgment, coordination or digestive problems. However, the most dangerous is affecting the cardiovascular system when alcohol can cause high blood pressure, and even heavy alcohol can cause heart attacks.

The degree of alcohol’s influence on the physiological activities of the body depends on many factors such as gender, weight, amount of alcohol, type of alcohol, time of drinking …

Risk of gym exercise after drinking alcohol

exercise after drinking alcohol

Here are the possible dangers of exercising after drinking:

1. Reduced ability to coordinate activities

Alcohol often affects the brain’s signaling pathways. Even if you only drink a small glass, you can experience certain effects. Meanwhile, gym exercises need to coordinate activities of many parts of the body and need balance. Therefore, exercising after drinking alcohol makes you easy to lose balance, cause falls, injury for yourself and those who practice together.

2. Difficulty controlling behavior

The more alcohol you drink, the less your balance will be and the higher your risk of getting injured while exercising. So, if you feel a little lightheaded and uncomfortable, it’s best to go home and rest just to be safe. If you exercise after drinking alcohol, you may not be alert, fall while running or drop weights on your body, which is very dangerous.

3. The body is easily dehydrated

Alcohol is a diuretic, so it will increase your need to urinate. When combined with a lot of sweat loss while exercising, it is very easy to become dehydrated if you exercise after drinking alcohol. Dehydration and muscle fatigue are unavoidable consequences after a night of drinking with friends. Even if you drink too much, drink or drink alcohol can cause heart rhythm disturbances.

4. Reduce your ability to handle situations

Alcohol greatly affects your ability to handle situations and makes you slow and inaccurate. Your reaction time is slow, your stamina as well as stamina are affected, so it is quite dangerous if you exercise in this situation. In particular, the effects of alcohol do not appear immediately when drinking but usually happen a while after, most likely when you are exercising and injuring you.

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Should you go to the gym after drinking alcohol?

Dr Michael Richardson at One Medical Medical Center in Boston, USA, said: “You don’t have to quit the gym after drinking alcohol. However, if you want to exercise, you need to make sure that your body has recovered from the effects of alcohol so that you do not continue to add stress to your body. Even if you feel fine, you still need to pay attention to replenish your body to avoid dehydration and muscle contraction during exercise.

If you want the best health and thinking ability tomorrow, you should not drink alcohol in the afternoon and evening. If you want to have a good time with your friends but don’t want to quit the gym and think that you can relax while drinking and practicing hard, this is not very practical.

After drinking and going to the gym, you may find the gym tedious and of no benefit. So the best way to have a balanced lifestyle is to exercise in the morning and drink alcohol after work in the afternoon. You can also practice the right exercises and then hang out with friends later.

Experts do not consider combining gym and drinking alcohol is a good idea. However, if you still want or are forced to schedule a workout and drink with friends in the evening, there are some things you should take to stay safe.

Note the gym after drinking alcohol

exercise after drinking alcohol

Here are some necessary safety precautions when you are planning to exercise after drinking alcohol:

• Practice time as far as possible: After drinking, you should wait at least 1-2 hours to pound the alcohol before exercising to reduce the effects. However, this method is only effective if you only drink a little alcohol.

• Drink plenty of water and exercise in a short time: Alcohol can dehydrate you very easily, so you need to actively replenish water before and after exercising. At the same time, the advice is that you should also shorten the training time to reduce the body’s energy loss.

• Eat before drinking alcohol: Food will slow down the absorption of alcohol. However, you should not overeat as you will need a lot of exercise when you exercise.

• Exercise at the right intensity: After drinking, do not exercise high intensity. Instead, opt for gentle low-intensity exercise to be safe.

After drinking alcohol, the body will change a lot, so doing any activity requires special attention, especially the gym because it can cause injury. The best way is to skip the gym session, not go to the gym after drinking. This will help you ensure your health and safety so you can exercise more effectively in the next training session.

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