Spot 10 bad habits that cause dark eyes

Spot 10 bad habits that cause dark eyes

The skin around the eyes is very fragile and sensitive, so it is easy to age and damage. A variety of factors such as hormonal changes, problems related to health, unbalanced diet … can all be the cause of dark circles.

However, you will be surprised that these daily routines are a common cause of dark circles.

1. Bad habits cause dark eyes due to sitting on the computer for too long

Radiation from the computer is as harmful as sunlight. That explains why people who work with computers a lot like office workers often experience dullness, dullness, including the skin around the eyes.

Worse case, if you have to sit in front of a computer in poor light conditions, you will have to strain your eyes, causing dry and painful eyes. In the long run, the eyes will wrinkle and affect your beauty.

To reduce dark eyes caused by sitting at the computer for a long time, you should blink regularly, massage your eyes to relax and let your eyes rest more.

Bad habits cause dark eyes due to sitting at computer for long time

2. Staying up late, not getting enough sleep

Staying up late is the leading cause of dark circles under the eyes. You can easily see that evenings work too late and sleep late, the next morning consequences are two dark circles on the eyes.

According to the biological mechanism, the body will accelerate the regeneration process between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. However, staying up late at night causes this mechanism to be interrupted, the time to recover skin regeneration is reduced, leading to rapid aging and causing wrinkles on the skin.

In addition, staying up late also makes us feel tired, depressed, mentally stressed, poor memory, difficult to concentrate, dizziness, headache … long time will lead to mental breakdown. business.

To avoid this bad habit that causes dark eyes, you should create a habit of sleeping early and getting enough sleep. When you sleep, pillow should be a little high to reduce blood vessel congestion and reduce eye swelling.

stay up late and lack of sleep

3. Do not clean the eye area properly

Using a low-quality makeup remover or a vigorous rubbing habit to wipe away the mascara and eyeliner every time you remove make-up will damage your eyes outside and inside. The thin skin around the eyes will be easily scratched, and the eyelashes will fall off easily if you rub the skin too hard.

In addition, the subcutaneous capillaries will also be damaged and easily swollen, inflamed, causing the blood to gather under the eyes, making the dark circles appear more and more and more wrinkles at the back of the eyes. In addition, improper eye makeup removal before bed can also dull your skin and clog pores.

To avoid bad habits that cause dark eyes, you should properly remove makeup with some gentle makeup remover oils and have a gentle, reasonable skin massage technique to not cause irritation to the skin and still clean the makeup layer. .

4. Bad habits cause dark eyes due to lazy drinking water

The body always needs adequate water supply, especially the eye area. But many people are too busy or lazy to drink enough water each day.

When the eye area lacks water, it means that the moisture film does not make the skin structure become loose, lack of elasticity. Just lack of water, the blood vessels under the eyes are swollen, the eyes will collapse eyelids and appear dark circles.

Therefore, to own beautiful eyes and skin, full of vitality, make a habit of drinking 1.5–2 liters of water per day. At the same time, stay away from beverages containing stimulants such as alcohol, beer, coffee … for the treatment of dark eyes to take place quickly and bring the best results.

lazy to drink water

5. Do not avoid the sun in the eye area

Sunlight is the biggest “enemy” of your skin and eyes, as it can irritate the melanin. melanin under the skin increases, making the skin darkened and seriously aging, especially the skin around the eyes.

Better yet, you should use sunscreen that contains vitamin E and is less greasy, combined with wearing sunglasses when going out in the sun to protect this fragile skin!

do not avoid sunlight in the eye area

6. Bad habits cause dark eyes caused by smoking

Cigarette smoking is a direct agent that causes dark circles and puffiness. Smoking will cause premature aging and the nicotine in cigarettes will constrict the blood vessels, leading to poor blood circulation, and more wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.

So, in addition to giving up these bad habits, you should also limit your intake of coffee and alcohol, and include plenty of vegetables and drinks, vitamins containing vitamin C to help promote health and improve skin. skin.

7. Wash your face with water that is too hot

Using hot water to wash your face regularly can make your skin feel good at first, but in the long run will lead to enlarged pores and dry skin.

Not only that, the problem of dark circles and puffiness will become more serious. Therefore, you should only wash your face with warm water with a moderate temperature for beautiful, firm skin and compact pores.

wash your face with water that is too hot

8. Use foods that are too salty

Eating too many salty foods causes excess salt, thereby storing water in the body, making the puffiness more swollen and less aesthetically pleasing.

Therefore, you should regulate your daily diet, cut down on salt to allowable levels to protect your body health and eye health.

9. Rub eyes

It is also a common habit that can damage the skin under the eyes and discolor the skin. Too much rubbing the eyes will damage the dermis tissues, reduce blood circulation and increase premature aging of the skin around the eyes. Therefore, please minimize the direct impact on this sensitive skin.

In addition, lying face down on the pillow for a long time can also cause wrinkles in the face and skin around the eyes. You should sleep in a comfortable position, lying on your back or slightly leaning to one side, and don’t forget to use a soft pillow for deep sleep and reduce the formation of wrinkles.

a bad habit that causes dark eyes is rubbing your eyes

10. Habit of causing dark eyes from work lRetinoid abuse

Retinoids are a derivative of vitamin A that is widely used in acne treatment and wrinkles. However, if you overuse retinoids too much and apply them in the area near your eyes for a long time, there will be serious consequences for your skin.

The skin under the eyes is fragile, and at first, you will see a red rash caused by retinoids, which are highly antioxidant, irritating the skin. Then, over time, this area tends to turn brown or gray, darkening the puffiness.

In particular, this phenomenon is more common in people with dark or dark skin. Therefore, you should consider carefully when using retinoids to treat acne and pay attention not to apply them on thin and sensitive skin such as around the eyes or lips.

Get enough sleep, drink enough water, don’t smoke and sunscreen… are all the easiest tips to fade dark circles in the eyes. In addition, regular follow-up and regular health examinations will help you promptly detect problems inside the body, thereby taking the best measures to erase dark circles.

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