Tell her how to avoid foot pain when wearing high heels

Tell her how to avoid foot pain when wearing high heels

42% of women say they will still wear heels even when they feel pain in their feet and 73% admit that they have foot problems in high heels, so how do you say goodbye to pain feet in heels and stride confidently?

If you often see in movies, girls can chase a taxi, or run on 10cm heels easily, don’t believe it, in fact high heels “are just you are just the enemy “of the girls there.

Women may love high-heeled shoes, but if you have to walk regularly it can lead to leg pain and leg problems like scoliosis, calluses or ankles, more serious A toe deformity is painful and can get worse over time. So if you still want to wear those high heels, then keep in mind some of the following leg tips and exercises to show off your body and look more glamorous in the eyes of the other person.

How high-heels are harmful to health?

2. Shape of the leg

Normally, our feet help distribute weight and provide shock resistance to the body when standing or walking, providing a cushion for bones when we walk on the ground. If this condition lasts too long, the toes will be deformed. Especially the knuckles will be cut off, causing pain. In addition, the heel is stimulated, the position of the bone at the heel will be razed, losing the shape of the slim feet.

2. Foot joint disease

leg joint disease

When wearing heels, changing your gait puts pressure on your knees. This means that you are more likely to get knee problems like knee arthritis if you wear high heels for a long time. Furthermore, due to high gravity, your ankle discomfort with balance, prone to fracture and fracture. If you have ankle edema due to frequent wearing of high heels, it will interfere with the blood flow to the foot.

The joint most likely to hurt is under the base of the foot. The entire body gravity is pushed down to the toes, feet are prone to splaying and aching. The pinched nerves under the feet can make your legs feel numb and achy.

3. Affect the spine

In order to move easily on high heels, your spine needs to swing in an irregular position. It is a process that puts a lot of pressure on the muscles in the waist, it will directly affect the spinal cord, making it difficult for you to balance your weight, and feel like you are leaning forward. Over time, you will experience back pain because your muscles have to work too hard.

Most women who regularly wear high heels will make the back, waist and ligaments ligaments loose, causing chronic back pain and painful hips, knees and joints.

4. Reproduction problem

When the weight is put on the toes, the foot is subjected to more pressure than normal, which leads to damage to the urogenital system, leading to changes in the organs. After many studies on the harmful effects of high heels, experts in the UK have come to a conclusion. Accordingly, the high heels of about 5cm is a threat for women who want to be a mother when wearing regular shoes. Pressure is rushed forward, blood circulation is irregular, the pelvis is tilted, menstrual disorders and reproductive health affect, thereby reducing fertility.

The secret to avoiding foot pain when wearing high heels

1. Choose a shoe size that fits your foot

Vietnamese women often think that “excess shoes, lack of sandals”, that is, they will choose shoes a little wider than their feet. This leads to difficulty in moving. Therefore, you should learn about the shape of your feet. Be aware that your feet tend to be slightly flat or arched. Because if the soles of the feet are flat, the ability to wear heels will be less painful than people with concave feet. A pair of high-heeled shoes that don’t fit into your footsteps will make you feel pain in movement.

2. Use a heel cushion

silicone heel cushion lining

If the nature of your job causes you to move or stand for extended periods of time, instead of buying regular insoles, buy a silicone cushion. They not only help reduce friction, limit flaking, but also be a savior in case you buy shoes that are too big.

3. Choose square heels

Although sharp heels are beautiful, they bring many inconveniences for women. If you want to buy a high shoe to show off, you can refer to the handy canoe soles. Or if the girls still want to comfortably pounce on high heels all day, you can try a pair of large, square-sized rough soles with just the right height. Square sole will provide support and avoid the dangers of wearing high heels.

4. Reduce the slope of the shoe

When wearing high heels, you shift most of your weight into the bones, causing your toes to always slide forward. A pair of heels that are too high with a large soles slope can cause the foot to slide forward more. Therefore, you should choose heels with an average heel of 3–5cm to relieve pressure on the feet.

5. Choose open-toed high heels

The toe is designed to protect the toe. Nowadays, the toe is also designed to vary in many different shapes. Choose open-toed shoes and avoid clogged heels to allow room for your feet and toes and prevent calluses and heel swelling.

Foot exercises for the faithful in high heels

When you walk in high heels, all of the gravity is on your toes, the calf muscles are shortened and bad for the health of your feet. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up the habit of wearing high heels. Instead, do the leg exercises below, which are designed for the muscles of the feet, feet and around the ankles to help ward off the pain of wearing too much heels.

1. Sit with legs straight

Recover from a long shoe wearing by sitting and stretching your calves. Start in a sitting position with your feet apart, heels on the floor. Wrap the bandage around the soles of one leg and pull the bandage towards you, keeping your legs straight, back straight. Hold for 30 seconds, then switch sides. Repeat three times. The effect of this movement is to reduce the ability to shorten the leg muscles.

2. Practice picking up a towel

leg exercises - towel pick up

Stilettos should not forget the inner foot muscles, these are the small muscles that start and stop below the ankle. One good way to train these muscles is to use a tissue or a cloth. You place the tissue on the ground and only use your toes to pick up the piece of paper and release it after holding for about 30 seconds. Then switch to the other leg. Repeat three times. This exercise will help strengthen your toes, help balance your balance, and also reduce the effects of being cornered for too long.

3. Soak your feet with warm water

Soak or massage your feet while wearing heels

If your feet are sore, soaking them in a bath with warm water and salt for 15 minutes can help reduce the risk of inflammation. And if you don’t have time to do this, just five minutes of foot massage with your favorite cream is a great way to go.

High heels are always considered an indispensable friend to help her look slimmer and more fit. Walk confidently on your shoes instead of always having to worry about how to relieve pain and swelling when wearing high shoes!

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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