Tell you how to check the expiry date of cosmetics

Tell you how to check the expiry date of cosmetics

Don’t know how to check the cosmetic expiry date because the information printed on the package looks confusing? Don’t worry, many women have been confused like you can still find a quick check in less than 1 minute!

Makeup is a tool to help you honor natural beauty and cleverly conceal flaws. However, expired cosmetics can wreak havoc on your skin, eyes, and lips. You are at risk of developing acne, cosmetic allergies and even infections.

Can you restore smooth skin after treating the consequences caused by expired cosmetics?

Compared to handling the consequences, you learn to remember the expiration dates of cosmetics much easier. You can put labels on cosmetics that remind them of expiration dates or observe changes in the surface of the product. Let’s equip the basic knowledge so that you can self-check the expiry date of cosmetics and promptly detect expired cosmetics!

Check the expiry date of cosmetics before buying

check the cosmetic expiry date

Before deciding to buy any beauty product, you should not only find a way to identify fake cosmetics, but also check the cosmetic expiry date on the packaging. Don’t be in a hurry to trust the sales person when they say “Don’t worry, new products are coming!” or “Please rest assured”. You need to personally confirm that the cosmetics you buy are really expired or not.

Distinguish types of expiry date

You may only know a single expiration date is the date printed on the package and think you can use it before the expiration date. However, many models also have a kind of expiration date after the lid is opened.

• Expiry date without opening the lid: Unopened cosmetics will ensure quality until the expiration date. This shelf life is usually quite long, about 2-3 years.

• Expiry date after opening the lid: Cosmetics after opening the lid should only be used for a short period of time: 6 months – 12 months – 18 months – 24 months depending on the product.

For example: On December 5, 2019, you bought a natural line lipstick that has a expiry date of December 20, 2020. However, this lipstick has a shelf life of 6 months after opening. This means you should use before 05.06.2020.

Natural skin care products often have a very short shelf life due to the absence or very little preservative ingredients. If you buy handmade products, you should be even more cautious when checking the expiration date. Normally you should only use this product line for 3 to 6 months to ensure health safety.

The best way to remember the shelf life of cosmetics is to take notes and stick immediately on the product after opening the lid. Note that the expiration date after opening the lid must be within the range before the expiration date when the lid is not opened.

Know the expiration date on the package

check the cosmetic expiry date

One of the obstacles that make it difficult for you to check the expiry date of cosmetics is the symbols on the packaging. The cosmetics originating in Vietnam will usually state the date of manufacture (NSX) and expiry date (HSD). However, many cosmetics originating from abroad use unfamiliar symbols and languages.

You can note the following specialized phrases when checking the expiry date of cosmetics:

• Manufacture date (MFG) | Date of manufacture: Cosmetics with a shelf life of more than 30 months will not have to show the expiry date on the package. You can check the cosmetic expiry date based on the “Batch code”. This is the code that shows the production lot information including the date of manufacture and the place of manufacture.

• Expiration date (EXP) | Out of date: Cosmetics with a shelf life of less than 30 months will have to indicate the expiry date on the package. You can read pre-expiration phrases like “Use by”, “Best by”, or “Exp” (“Use by”).

• PAO (Period After Opening) | Time to use after opening the lid: This is the shelf life of cosmetics after you open the lid. Products that indicate PAO are usually skin care products, foundations, primers, mascaras … You can find this information on the product’s packaging with the symbol of the open round box and the number of months using the abbreviation “M “Means” Month “.

  • 6M = 6 Months
  • 12M = 12 Months
  • 18M = 18 Months
  • 24M = 24 Months

Check the expiration date on the internet

check the cosmetic expiry date

If you want to check the expiration date on the internet, you can visit the page To login the information on the left corner:

  • Select brand | Select brand name: You choose the brand name of the cosmetics.
  • Quick brand search | Quick search for brand names: You can ignore this box.
  • Enter code | Enter the code: Enter the full “Batch code” printed on the package into this box.

You just need to enter the brand name and “Batch code” of the product and press “Enter” will show the date of production and remaining shelf life of the cosmetic product. The quick way to check the expiration date on the internet in less than 1 minute, but you can only check international product lines and not all brands.

check the cosmetic expiry date

When checking the expiration date of cosmetics on the internet, you need to avoid confusion between “Batch code” and “Barcode”. If you make a mistake, you will not be able to check the expiry date of the cosmetic product.

  • Batch code: The code has about 3 – 6 digits representing the product’s production batch information
  • Barcode: Include a serial number below the black stripe printed on the package

If you cannot check the cosmetic expiry date on, you can email the label directly. This test can take 1-3 days to receive a label email, but it will ensure higher accuracy.

Recognize expired cosmetics

check the cosmetic expiry date

Even though you know you shouldn’t use expired cosmetics, sometimes you forget about the expiration date of your beauty products. Suddenly one day opening the makeup box, you panic and realize that you seem to have used this cosmetic “a little while”!

However, you also do not have to give up this cosmetic immediately if it looks “pretty good”. There are many ways to help you check the expiry date of cosmetics even if you don’t remember the expiration date. Just take the trouble to observe the following 7 signs, you will recognize expired cosmetics simply by the naked eye.

1. Cosmetic color changes

If you find that your makeup has oxidized to a different color (and not reverted) then it’s time to throw it away. A change of color is a clear indication that your cosmetics have expired, possibly even multiplying bacteria.

2. Unusual cosmetic texture

Creamy cosmetics should have a creamy texture. If you find it difficult to apply cosmetics or the consistency is uneven, the texture of the product may have changed. This means that your cosmetic is dry and likely has expired.

3. Cosmetics are lumped

Liquid makeup cosmetics do not get clumped. If you notice signs of pigmentation in your cosmetics, think about getting rid of it as soon as possible. Lumps can be a sign of bacterial growth due to expired cosmetics.

4. The smell of cosmetics becomes unpleasant

check the cosmetic expiry date

An unpleasant odor is an important criterion that your cosmetics have reduced quality. A makeup artist thinks that if mascara “smells like gasoline” then you should consider throwing it away. When your cosmetics smell bad, these are warning signs of expired cosmetics that you should not be indifferent to!

5. Cosmetic membrane appearance

In addition to creams and liquids, cosmetic powdered cosmetics may also have their expiry date. One sign of an expired powdered cosmetic is a gray film or a thin layer of chalk on the surface. This means it’s time to give up this product.

6. Cosmetics appear white spots

If the eyeliner or lip pencil starts to appear a white spot on the head and cannot draw sharp, the product is out of date.

6. Liquid cosmetic separates layers

If liquid cosmetics appear to be layering, try shaking well. If the classes don’t mix, then it’s time to leave. Many cosmetic formulas can blend ingredients together when applying makeup, once they are separated, they may be out of date.

You will feel extremely regretful when you have to break up with a favorite beauty product, especially expensive cosmetics. In fact, the new definitive helps you protect your health and practice the habit of carefully noting the expiration date of cosmetics. Check your cosmetic’s expiry date regularly and watch for unusual signs to get rid of them before they wreak havoc on your beauty!

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