The answer is whether cycling has big calves

The answer is whether cycling has big calves

Although cycling has many health benefits, many people, especially women, are still concerned about not practicing because they think that cycling will make their legs bigger. Does cycling have large calves?

The thigh muscles and thigh muscle mass are shaped based on many factors such as cycling speed, cycling time, what you eat and exercises when leaving the saddle. In addition, hormones in your body play an important role in building muscle.

Health CPN, let’s take a look at how these factors affect your appearance. And whether cycling can make my calves big!

1. Does cycling have calves enlarged depending on the cycling time

Will the calf enlargement of the bicycle be cycled depending on the cycling time

Are you worried about getting large calves when riding a bicycle? In fact, professional cyclists, on average, spending 15–20 hours per week cycling at high intensity, have stronger thighs compared to non-professional cyclists. The thigh muscles and hamstrings will be trained and firmer a lot during continuous cycling.

That’s why jeans brands like Levi’s and Rapha have a line of pants for cycling enthusiasts with small waists but muscular thighs. However, you should clearly distinguish the muscular thigh muscle from the big thigh.

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If you are just an amateur cyclist, cycling short hours a week for the purpose of exercise, you can rest assured that your legs will not grow bigger for those who do not do this exercise. .

2. Cycling terrain

Cycling terrain

Whether cycling can cause calves to be enlarged regardless of the terrain. The legs get bigger when we have to use it at full capacity.

Normally, people who cycle up hills or cross terrain will have stronger legs than those who pedal only on flat roads. That’s because when we step on a hill, we have to put all of our strength into the leg, constant pressure will make the muscles in the leg develop faster. So, just pedaling on flat roads will not make your calves get bigger.

3. Cycling if calves are enlarged due to the food you eat

protein rich foods

What you eat plays an important role in building muscle. To have strong muscles, you need to load a huge amount of protein into your body. This will definitely happen when you really want to.

If you do not want to increase muscle mass intentionally, then surely your daily food intake will not be enough for you to have a calf like professional racers. Therefore, don’t worry too much.

4. More exercises after leaving the bike saddle

build muscle

When you look at professional racers with giant, muscular legs, don’t be too overwhelmed. To have such strong legs, professional racers must perform heavy exercises when leaving the saddle.

If they were just cycling hours, they probably wouldn’t have that much muscle. To achieve that result, you need to be strict with your diet and exercise routine.

5. Hormone concentrations in the body


For women, it is much more difficult to develop muscular legs like guys. The amount of testosterone hormone plays an important role in muscle building. Usually women will have 15% less testosterone and 10% more fat than men.

That also means that even if you participate in the same level of training, you will not be able to develop muscles like a man. To reach that level, women need to train with much higher intensity.

With the above, hopefully women will worry less about their feet getting bigger when practicing cycling. Cycling will help us reduce excess fat and has more muscle in the legs as well as providing more health benefits.

However, in order to develop “oversized” legs, many other factors will be combined that Health CPN mentioned above. You just need to notice these things will prevent your legs from becoming bigger than expected.

Also, on the positive side, the more muscle you have in the body, the more calories you burn. Muscles also look leaner than fat, so when you lose fat, your body will be a lot more balanced. Therefore, don’t let worries about your big legs stop you from going cycling.

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