The habit of biting lips is thoughtless, but it has a lot to do with health

The habit of biting lips is thoughtless, but it has a lot to do with health

The habit of biting lips can be encountered in both adults and children, this habit seems harmless but has a lot of impact on health, specifically what are the dangers? Follow the article below to get the answer!

Habits related to lip activities include: sucking lips, biting lips, licking lips… at different ages, this habit causes negative effects on molars, aesthetics as well as different health. Let’s find out the causes of lip-biting habits, the harms and how to overcome lip-biting habits.

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firstCause of lip-biting habit?

Cause of lip-biting habit?

Usually many people, especially young children have a habit biting your lips whenever you feel stress or anxiety, even the act of biting their lips is completely unconscious, without their knowledge or control.

Some people view lip biting as personal entertainment, or others bite their lips to have a sense of self-interest.

2The harmful effects of lip-biting habit?

If you bite your lips with a small frequency, this action will seem harmless. But if done regularly then This can cause dry, flaky lips, forming sores and superinfection. According to the dermatologist Whitney Bowe in New York: “Digestive enzymes in saliva are easy to penetrate into the skin of the lips and lead to inflammation of the lip lining, making the lips dry and cracks appear.

Sudden lip biting is possible is the cause of the sores that are popularly known as canker sores.

The harmful effects of lip-biting habit?

Children who bite their lips regularly will have a lot to do with their oral health, namely: erupted teeth more severe can cause chewing, lip wounds and wound easily infected, mispronouncing, aesthetically it may be chewing, or chewing …

3How to overcome lip biting habit

Some people, when they become aware of the harmful effects of this habit, can slowly give up on it. However there are also people who cannot give up especially In young children, the dentist can use aids such as lip bumper to protect lips.

If you bite your lips too much Lips can be used with moisturizing lip balm and steroid cream Helps to restore lips quickly.

For young children, if parents want children to give up the habit of biting their lips, parents can do as follows:

How to overcome lip biting habit

If the child already knows awareness then Parents should explain and harm the harm of lip biting, and encourage children to give up this harmful habitAt the same time, you can show your child some pictures of the harmful effects of lip biting.

For young children who are not aware of it Parents can spend time playing with their baby to distract them, forget about biting their lips.

Don’t forget Take your child to the dentist for regular check-ups.

Hopefully, with the sharing in the recent article will help you better understand lip biting habits and its harmful effects. If you or your loved one has this habit, then give it up now to have a healthier and more beautiful life!

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