The mysteries of yoga you may not know

The mysteries of yoga you may not know

Yoga is a very popular discipline all over the world. However, many people still do not know about yoga, leading to misunderstandings that prevent them from choosing to participate in the subject. This article will help you solve the mysteries of yoga that have been rumored for a long time.

Yoga is only for women

Today the majority of yoga practitioners are women, but don’t forget that it was men who created this practice thousands of years ago. A lot of people think that gentle, slow yoga is not suitable for men, or that men are not flexible enough to practice yoga. But now, a lot of professional male athletes practice yoga to enhance their physical health and aid in muscle recovery after injury. Yoga is for everyone, anyone who wants to seek peace of mind and lead a healthy life without diseases can practice yoga. Yoga is an effective method that enhances the physical, mental and mental health of everyone.

You must be healthy and beautiful to be able to practice yoga

Because of the advertising images of yoga, many people mistakenly think that yoga is only for people with beautiful body. It is difficult to find a yoga video clip with a coach with a chubby body. But that doesn’t reflect anything about yoga. Whether you are thin or a little chubby, or you have trouble practicing, it is okay to practice yoga. Yoga is also a very effective weight loss sport. As long as you choose the right trainer and familiarize yourself with the poses, yoga will not do any harm to you.

Yoga cannot help you lose weight

You think you need fast and heavy exercise to lose weight. Yoga is too gentle and slow to help you burn energy! Not really. In fact, yoga can help you lose weight through increasing your metabolism. Yoga also helps you control your breathing, improve your health and reduce stress.

It takes money to practice yoga

In fact, yoga tools are more comfortable than practicing, but can’t stop you from doing yoga without them. Yoga mats, for example, are one of those items commercialized by companies with advertisements like preventing slips or keeping your place in an overcrowded yoga class.

In the olden days, people practiced yoga on tar-coated surfaces, spread out sheets, carpets or wooden floors. And today, some people still keep the traditional thought above and do not want to use carpets or other equipment advertised on TV when doing yoga. More and more yoga classes are being introduced to disadvantaged areas, taught in schools in low-income areas and taught in loving shelters.

Yoga is like meditation

Although yoga is a meditation related discipline, it is not meditation. In the early days when yoga was popular in the West, the main focus was on meditation and the philosophical aspect, and for the most part, the physical aspect was not too important.

Since then, yoga has grown steadily. Now when we talk about yoga, we will immediately think of solid bodies or sweaty practitioners in a gym full of yoga mats. Today, when practicing yoga, people focus more on keeping the body healthy and flexible. More than half of yoga practitioners say that their motivation is to stay healthy and beautiful. According to a survey by Yoga Journal, 78% of practitioners say that their purpose when doing yoga is to help the body stay supple and flexible.

Yoga has a long history and there’s a lot more to learn about it. The above are just a handful of yoga information you can share with others and help them remove misconceptions to start practicing this useful sport.

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