The physical and mental factor in causing the pain

The physical and mental factor in causing the pain

Daily pain is not only caused by movement mechanisms of the body but also caused by mental factors. If you find it strange, please read the following article to understand more.

For athletes or coaches, pain is only normal and they see it as the mechanism of movement of the body (mechanics). Although the posture and movements are also important, they are nothing compared to the multifaceted troubles caused by pain. To better understand this issue, please follow the following article.

In addition to physical or muscle problems, psychosocial factors can also lead to pain. There is a lot of evidence that the cause of pain is not just physical activities, but also mental habits can cause similar pain.

This article will point out common causes of increased pain, and provide tips to help you overcome this condition for a healthy life.

When the pain doesn’t happen mechanically

A movement begins to form in thought. When you want to do something, you will start to think about how to get there and figure out how it will play out first. Many of us have experienced the benefits of mental methods such as association or a positive attitude. However, everything is 2 sides. Thinking about crumbling up your scoreboard, for example, makes you feel better, but imagining the trouble of having your transcript torn off makes you feel bad.

Fitness and motor specialists often look for the mechanical disturbance first, and then determine the cause of the pain. While knowing that pain is often complex, they should still be based on a mechanical basis.

If the pain occurs only when you move, or when you repeat the same postures, … then the cause of the pain is definitely a mechanical problem. However, the problem is that, when we cannot determine the exact location of the pain, the pain is now divided into two categories: postural pain and non-postural pain. out. In part 1, let’s learn about posture pain.

Pain caused by postures and pain that persists for a long time

The simple reason for this type of pain is inflammation of the tissue or scars. In fact, the triggers of this pain are more complex.

Studies show that prolonged pain may be caused by protective mechanisms formed as the bridge between physical sensations and mental state. Mental pain is difficult to treat, as it varies from patient to patient.

Have you ever been seriously injured? After your death, do you feel fear every time you think about the prospect or objects that hurt you? It is this fear that will prevent you from trying again and the more you think about it, the more fear and pain you will feel.

Also, after traumatization, tissues become extremely sensitive. When you encounter a similar situation again, your body’s tissues will “recall” the moments of pain and things start to go bad again. When the tissues in the body start to “reject”, they “stop”, causing you pain, so you don’t want to do the same thing again. This defense mechanism is very common, especially when you feel scared of injury or pain.

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