The secret to choosing the right BHA for your skin

The secret to choosing the right BHA for your skin

You already know BHA and its uses but still wondering about choosing BHA for skin? Don’t worry because this article will answer you!

Recently, BHA skin care and acne treatments have been passed down by many women. Let’s find out how BHA is as well as the secret to choosing the right BHA for the skin!

What is BHA?

BHA stands for beta hydroxy acid. The most common BHA is salicylic acid, commonly used to treat acne. BHA is great for exfoliating because it helps to remove dead skin and allows new skin to grow, fix dark spots, reduce sun damage, fade wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Besides BHAs, we often hear about AHA as well. AHA stands for alpha hydroxy acid. AHAs are just as effective as BHA’s. Both belong to the group of acids of natural origin and are effective in exfoliating. However, BHA’s anti-acne and skin care effects are somewhat superior when it comes to working inside the pores compared to AHA’s.

How to choose the right BHA for the skin

When choosing BHA for your skin, you need to pay attention to the concentration and texture of the product so you can find the product that best suits your skin.

1. The concentration of the product

There are 3 levels of BHA concentrations of 1%, 2% and 4% to choose from. Each concentration will be suitable for different skin conditions.

  • Concentration of 1% BHA: This is the lowest BHA concentration, suitable for those with sensitive skin. Besides, if you are new to BHA for the first time and want your skin to get used to it, this is the right concentration for you.
  • BHA 2% concentration: This is the perfect concentration for a BHA product as it guarantees the highest effectiveness for the skin. Products at this concentration also showed a faster effect than the 1% “brother” concentration. However, when using 2% BHA, you will feel a bit stinging and discomfort. But rest assured because this phenomenon will subside as your skin gets used to.
  • 4% concentration of BHA: This highest concentration is recommended only 1-2 times / week. If your skin does not have too many problems or you do not have a lot of time daily skin care then this is the right choice for you.

2. The texture of the product

If concentration is a more important indicator when choosing products containing BHA, on the contrary product texture is more inclined to the user’s feeling. Here are some typical textures and products that you can consider.

choose bha for skin

  • Gel form: Soft, gelatinous BHA is for combination skin to oily skin. This form is suitable for all skin types especially for combination skin and oily skin care is more effective because it dries out faster than liquid. The sProducts you can try: Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Salicylic Acid Gel, Chica y Chico Beta Salic 2.0.

choose bha for skin

  • Lotion form: The product comes in a light, thin lotion that is suitable for dry and very dry skin. The lotion form helps the skin to stay moisturized, not dry or flaky. BHA in this form also helps kill bacteria that cause acne, reduce inflammation, reduce redness and redness of the cheeks. Products you can try: CALM Redness Relief 1% BHA Lotion Exfoliant.

Chemical exfoliation is a method that is considered safe for the skin. However, you should also know the nature of the skin as well as the problem that your skin is facing to choose BHA for the skin to have a smooth and fresh skin!

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