The truths about hair removal you may not know

The truths about hair removal you may not know

Have you ever wondered: why hair regrowth after shaving is often thicker and darker? Should use chemicals depilatory? Should armpit hair removal and bikini with laser? Don’t worry, Health CPN will help you understand the truths about hair and hair removal methods right now!

Should eyebrow pluck?

If you want to pluck your eyebrows, be careful because they grow more slowly than the hairs that grow elsewhere on the body. Eyebrows can grow thick so many people think they grow fast, but they are not.

Be careful to pluck it more accurately as it will take weeks for other hairs to grow. At any given time, most eyebrow fibers are in the resting (telogen) phase of the growth cycle. This stage in the eyebrows is usually three times as long as your hair.

Plucking eyebrows with an epilator is the most effective?

This is because epilators work best on relatively flat surfaces. The epilator’s twisted structures attach to the hairs and pull them out of the skin.

The epilator has been considered a fast, relatively painless, and uses chemicals to remove unwanted hair from the lips, hair, eyebrows, and other parts of the face.

Shaving makes hair regrowth thicker and darker?

It’s not right, okay? Shaving breaks the roots of the hairs, which can make the hairs in the area appear thicker when they regrow. However, in fact, when the hair grows back, it will be the same as the original one.

How can you prevent the razor from peeling your skin?

You should exfoliate regularly. Drab skin is usually caused by ingrown hairs. Especially the sensitive skin when using a razor like the chin or bikini area. Anyone can experience peeling skin when using a razor.

Besides, exfoliating helps to remove dead skin layers on the skin’s surface, allowing hair to grow more easily.

Another way to prevent hair growth under the skin is to use a glycolic cleanser and moisturizer with shaving cream or gel, change the razor regularly, and shave in the direction of hair growth.

Is it safe to remove nipple hair?

Not safe! The FDA warns you to consider waxing in the nipple area, as well as the genital areas, eyelashes, nose or ears, which grow on sensitive skin. There is a risk of inflammation that causes infection and scarring. Instead of chemical hair removal, it is safer to use tweezers or razors.

What about on foot? Feel free to remove it!

Should you not remove hair if there are many moles on your skin?

If your skin has lots of moles, warts, or varicose veins in the area of ​​the skin you want to wax, you can find another way to remove hair. Hair removal can remove a layer of skin, causing scarring or infection. Taking antibiotics and acne medications can limit hair removal because they can make your skin thinner and more sensitive.

The only parts that don’t grow hair are the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, lips, and eyelids?

Two types of hair will grow on your skin. First, the soft hair that grows almost all over your body helps maintain body temperature. Second, the darker, stiffer hairs on your head, genitals and underarms help protect sensitive areas.

How do depilatories work?

Depilatories react with proteins in the hair. You should dissolve them into a jelly-like substance on your skin that can be removed later.

While inexpensive and painless, depilatory products can be smelly and messy. These products may not work well on thick bristles, and can burn skin if not careful. Also, these products are not intended for eyebrows, near eyes, or irritated skin.

How to help shave closer: razor or razor?

Traditional razor blades close to the surface of the skin for a more thorough shave.

Using an electric shaver will be difficult to shave close, but their advantage is that they allow you to shave without soap or water. However, the shaver can cause ingrown hairs and the skin under the arm to become irritated.

Electrolysis and laser both destroy hair follicles, is 1 of 2 enough?

Not really! Electricity destroys hair follicles using an electric current and is the only method of permanent hair removal. This approach requires a long process.

Hair removal lasers also destroy hair follicles, using light that can be converted to heat. But you have to do this every six months to a year, because the hair will regrow in a cyclical manner.

Laser hair removal is most effective for people with characteristics of light skin and dark hair?

Laser hair removal uses a focused beam or “pulses” of light to destroy hair follicles. Light is absorbed by melanin, the pigment that gives the skin and hair color, so it is most effective for people with light skin and dark hair. Therefore, this won’t work on white hairs and won’t work for blond hair at all. You should avoid sun exposure 6 weeks after the procedure.

For people with darker skin, laser hair removal works best when using a device with a longer wavelength of light, to reduce the risk of burns and discoloration of the skin around the hair follicles.

Use laser to remove hair most effectively on bikini skin and armpits?

Since the skin in these areas is thin and reacts strongly to the laser, you can apply a gel or cream to numb the skin before the procedure. Avoid sun exposure after waxing.

How does the epilator work?

It helps to pluck hair from the root. Hair removal machines use hundreds of small, rotating tweezers to pluck hair, which is usually more time consuming than shaving because it removes hair from the root. This plucking method is highly effective on the legs and armpits. Some manufacturers say this machine can be used with any area of ​​the body, including the bikini area and face.

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