The way to make blood soup with beets is delicious, safe and still beautiful

The way to make blood soup with beets is delicious, safe and still beautiful

Blood soup is a favorite dish that many people love. However, many people still worry about food hygiene, so they should limit eating this dish. Do not worry, Bach Khoa XANH will tell you how to make soup with beetroot, which is delicious and safe and beautiful skin.

Blood soup is a fresh dish, familiar to many people. It has the main ingredient of animal blood, mixed with fish sauce, salt, then mixed with meat, cartilage, .. and then coagulated.

Although this is a delicious dish, food safety issues are always warned. Learn how to do it right away blood soup with beets delicious, nutritious according to the recipe below.

Execution time: 30 minutes

Intended for: 4 persons

firstIngredients for blood soup with beets

2How to make blood soup with beetroot

Step 1: Preliminary care and throat

Preliminary heart and throatPreliminary heart and throat

Throat and duck heart after Buy to wash thoroughly under the tap. Then put in the pot boiled, remember Add a pinch of ginger to remove the smell Characteristic of a duck, a lot of people feel uncomfortable with that smell.

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Part of the duck liver you also Thinly sliced, the base of the throat, diced duck heart.

The heart, the liver has finished slicing, you put in a bowl and give add 20gr finely chopped basil, 1 teaspoon seasoning seed, 1 teaspoon pepper and 1 purple onion grilled and cut puree. Mix well by hand.

Step 2: Make beetroot blood soup

Make beetroot blood soupMake beetroot blood soup

Beets peel and cut the cubes small to make it easier to grind. After cutting the block, put it in the blender. Blend with 600ml of water and add ½ teaspoon of salt.

After you puree, use one sift comb to get water, remove the body. Cook the beets and add in 2 tablespoons fish sauce. Friend For 30gr of powdered flute powder into the mix with 30ml of water, stir well and then add to the beets juice. When it’s boiling, turn off the heat and pour out the beets juice to reduce the heat.

Step 3: Complete

Complete soupComplete soup

After you have the blood, you Put all of the crush and liver mixture in step 1 into a small cup, then scoop add the beetroot blood to the top, adding a few more slices of liver is delicious. Now put it in the fridge in the cool compartment, waiting for winter season again.

When you check that the blood is frozen, you put the crushed peanuts and pepper on your face, you just need to squeeze more lemon to get a perfect blood soup. Served with basil and scallion head is also great.

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3Finished products

Beetroot blood soupBeetroot blood soup

The beetroot blood pudding section is just a glance away can not be distinguished from normal blood pudding always. When you try it, you will Feels like it is 95% like blood pudding always there. The delicious taste of blood soup is unmistakable, This soup is also safe and hygienic so much more.

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If you are a hard “fan” of the soup, you absolutely must not ignore this recipe. Come on, Health CPN ensures the whole family will fall in love.

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