There is Power in Your Tongue


Proverbs 18:21 says death and life are in the power of the tongue and that that love it shall eat the fruit thereof …

The power to build someone up (or give life to them) or tear them down (thus killing them so-to-speak) can very well depend on the words you say. Without realizing it, every day in our walk, others watching look at us as an example of Christ and if we are not careful, it's too easy to turn them away from the very One we represent.

Especially during a moment of anger. No matter what, once something's been said it can never be taken back. Can you imagine if you say something to someone and they take it to heart and it changes their life for the negative forever? Words are like seeds and once spoken they can take root in someone's heart and grow there for years, causing havoc in their lives later on.

God calls us to guard our tongue, and he who keeps keep guard of his tongue preserves his life. When you take this and put it into its proper context, you can say that if you watch what you say and only allow things that lift up and encourage others to come forth from you then you'll have a much happier existence on this earth. And so will those around you. We all know that life is hard enough without causing ourselves any more harm by letting our tongue run loose …

Allowed our tongue to find its own way by the words that roll off of it shows everyone around you your level of wisdom. Proverbs 12:18 says there is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword, but the tongue of the wise blessings healing. It's important to know when to remain silent and when to speak. Even in the mid of battle. The Bible is so emphatic about controlling our tongue that God emphasized our accountability before Him in Matthew 12:36. It states in the New King James version of the Bible that for every idle word we speak we will have to give an account of it in the last day.

So, in order to protect yourself and not allow your tongue to get the best of you, you need to spend time in the Word daily and ask the Lord to give you the wisdom and the self-control to watch over every word we speak. To learn how to reflect a heart change through the words others hear coming from our lips. When we do that then the people around us are able to see a happier, more comfortable in their skin type of Christian begin to appear.


Source by Karen Jaworski

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