Tip 9 essential oils to treat acne you should not ignore

Tip 9 essential oils to treat acne you should not ignore

Using essential oils to treat acne is a pretty good skin care remedy with many beneficial advantages, such as benign, friendly to health …

Imagine this: You wake up one fine morning and look in the mirror and then suddenly startled by only seeing red bumps on the forehead or cheeks. Undoubtedly, acne is one of the biggest nightmares for both men and women and can affect any age.

In addition to using the right products, you can learn about acne-fighting essential oils that contribute to solving the root cause of your skin problem. So what are these essential oils? Let’s find out with Health CPN.

Why use essential oils to treat acne?

Essential oils have long been used extensively for the treatment of acne and acne scars. This is because they are extracted from herbs, plants, flowers, and bark and undergo a process to obtain the product in its purest form. These oils possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that are beneficial for troubled skin.

Ayurveda medicine promotes the use of essential oils to treat acne and other skin conditions. Around 4,500 BC, the ancient Egyptians also used essential oils to apply to the skin and other remedies.

Essential oils for acne

1. Sage essential oil


Sage is a popular herb and is extremely helpful in fighting acne. A study published in the journal Advances in Dermatology and Allergology examined sage’s abilities and showed that the herb is highly effective against acne-causing bacteria.

How to use sage oil to treat acne

You need to have:

  • 2 – 3 drops of sage essential oil
  • 10 ml of base oil (almond oil, castor oil, grape seed oil …).

How to use:

  • Gently pat the oil on the affected skin 2 to 4 times per week. Let stand for 30-45 minutes and then rinse. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will help limit the growth of acne spots as well as prevent scarring and darkening.

2. Essential oils for acne from tea tree

Tea tree oil to treat boils

Tea tree oil is considered to be one of the best essential oils for treating acne, red bumps. One clinical trial involving 124 patients investigated the effects of tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide on acne.

The results showed that patients using tea tree oil for acne were less likely to experience skin discomfort than those using benzoyl peroxide, but still had the same effect.

How to use tea tree oil

You need to have:

How to use:

  • Soak a cotton ball in the essential oil and gently apply it on the area with pimples, inflammatory pimples to soothe, kill bacteria that cause acne as well as stimulate acne quickly or quickly.
  • Oil also penetrates the pores to neutralize the excess oil in this area.
  • You can do this at bedtime or 2-3 times a day.

3. Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil

This is probably one of the most commonly used essential oils. One study found that inhaling lavender essential oil has a calming effect on the cause of acne and in turn helps to control the skin condition better.

How to use lavender essential oil

You will need:

  • 10 – 12 drops of lavender essential oil
  • A bowl of hot water
  • Towel.

How to use:

  • Put the oil in a bowl of hot water
  • Cover your head to steam your face, take a deep breath
  • After the water cools, remove the towel
  • Use a clean towel to gently pat your face dry or let your skin dry naturally
  • Lavender oil has antibacterial properties and helps kill the bacteria that cause acne. In addition, the hot steam also helps to unclog pores, thereby limiting the risk of acne.

4. juniper essential oil


This essential oil is known for its antiseptic, detoxifying and improving blood circulation properties. One study found that juniper essential oil was an effective remedy for acne when applied to the skin.

How to use juniper essential oil

You will need:

  • 2 – 3 drops of juniper oil
  • Aloe vera gel (aloe vera).

How to use:

  • Add 1-2 drops of juniper essential oil to the gel and mix well
  • Apply on skin and leave overnight
  • Aloe vera is known for its soothing and irritating effects. When combined with juniper essential oil, the mixture will bring antibacterial and detoxifying properties, helping to remove bacteria and toxins, thereby helping to treat acne effectively.

5. Rosemary essential oil

effects of rosemary essential oil

Rosemary oil is rich in beneficial compounds that also kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce swelling that occurs due to clogged pores.

How to use essential oils to treat acne from rosemary

You will need:

How to use:

  • Mix all the ingredients until the mixture thickens and blends
  • Rub evenly over face or area to focus on acne
  • Let the mixture dry, then rinse it off.

Oatmeal gently removes dead skin flakes while green tea and rosemary essential oil provide antibacterial properties to kill germs and bacteria. Besides, rose water also helps soothe the skin, minimize the possibility of irritation.

6. Essential oils for acne from eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus essential oil helps regulate and reduce sebum on the skin and is therefore quite helpful in the process of controlling acne.

How to use eucalyptus essential oil for acne

You will need:

  • 2 – 3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  • Moisturizer.

How to use:

  • Add two to three drops of eucalyptus essential oil to your moisturizer and mix well
  • Apply this mixture on problem areas
  • Eucalyptus oil has therapeutic properties. The oil not only kills bacteria, removes skin irritation, but also treats acne, cysts and pimples.

7. Basil essential oil

Basil essential oil

The antimicrobial properties of this essential oil make it highly effective in controlling acne, nourishing your skin deep from the inside and reducing the activity of bacteria or bacteria that cause inflammation and infection. skin infection.

How to use basil oil to treat acne

You will need:


  • Mix basil oil with aloe vera gel in a bowl
  • Rub evenly over skin until mixture is absorbed.

Basil oil contains linoleic acid which has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe swelling in acne-prone areas as well as good for problem skin.

8. Sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood essential oil is extremely beneficial in controlling acne and blemishes. Oil is an antiseptic, astringent and helps to lock in moisture, helping to treat other skin conditions such as psoriasis …

How to use sandalwood oil to treat acne

You will need:

  • 2 – 3 drops of sandalwood essential oil
  • Base oil (coconut oil, argan oil or jojoba oil).

How to use:

  • Mix both of the mixed oils
  • Gently massage the mixture on the entire face or affected area
  • Sandalwood is a powerful and effective herb that helps you get rid of bacteria that clog pores.

9. Essential oils for acne from chamomile

Chamomile essential oil

Chamomile essential oil is known for its incredible soothing properties. The oil also helps control skin inflammation and reduces visible signs of inflammation.

How to use chamomile oil to treat acne

You will need:

  • 2 drops of chamomile essential oil
  • 30 ml of jojoba oil
  • 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel.


  • Take a bowl and mix the oils.
  • Take a small amount of oil mixture in hand, mix well with aloe vera gel and apply to face.

Chamomile essential oil soothes the inflammation surrounding acne while aloe vera has a moisturizing effect on damaged skin.

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