Tips for best friends to prepare for yoga

Tips for best friends to prepare for yoga

Yoga has many surprising benefits. However, many people are quite shy and vague when they first practice yoga. For that reason, please provide your friends and loved ones around with basic tips and information to prepare yoga. Please support each other when you want to join a yoga class. Fully prepared and learned will help you feel confident and comfortable when entering a yoga class the first time.

Check class information

There are many people who enroll in a yoga class that is inappropriateness because they don’t learn about the classes well before choosing. Consult your friends’ websites or call yoga centers to inquire about class levels and training essentials for the best preparation before joining.

Ask if the classroom offers a practice mat

Some centers provide free yoga mats, some will rent out. If the hub is not available, suggest that your friend buy a private rug.

Don’t practice as soon as you finish eating

You should not practice yoga right after eating as you will feel uncomfortable in some twisting and bending positions. But it’s also not good to do yoga on an empty stomach, as at the end of a session you may start to feel lightheaded when your body lacks energy. However, if someone feels hungry, you can advise them to eat a snack before class.

Drink enough fluids and avoid caffeinated products

It is very important to drink enough water. There are a number of yoga exercises that can dehydrate you from excessive sweating. It is best to drink water at least two hours before class as your body needs time to absorb the water. Avoid caffeinated beverages (including green tea and black tea) for several hours before class, as they can dehydrate the body and increase heart rate.

Wear comfortable clothing

You should choose clothes that are breathable, have good elasticity and absorb sweat, and avoid wearing clothes that are too loose, as you can be distracted by spending too much time adjusting instead. Focus on doing movements. Also, avoid wearing brightly colored clothes on the buttocks, as no matter how thick the fabric is, it is very easy to “reveal” when you have to do stretches, because will stretch and become very thin.

Bring a towel

During yoga, you will sweat a lot, bring a towel to dry your sweat when changing positions.

Get to the gym at least 15 minutes early

Those who arrive early to class are well positioned and will even be able to talk to teachers. In addition, early arrivals can choose to place their yoga mat where they like or a comfortable place in the room without disturbing others.

Respect the class rules

If for some reason you must be late, respect your classmates by placing the carpet gently to avoid disrupting class. Turn your phone on vibrate mode and set it aside or store it somewhere else so you don’t disrupt the classroom atmosphere because you’re not the only one in the classroom.

Talk to your yoga instructor about your health problems

Any discipline has hidden dangers, so does yoga. You should advise your friend to talk to the trainer about their health problems when suffering from chronic illnesses, are menstruating or pregnant, etc. The reason is because there are several yoga poses. It can hurt or make you worse by exercising when your body is not feeling well. Your teacher can provide alternative exercises to help you continue practicing with the class.

Yoga is a type of exercise that is beneficial and suitable for everyone, regardless of age or health. However, some people get anxious before starting their first class. Keep in mind the above rules for worry-free and fun first yoga sessions with your friend.

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