Top 5 Mental Health Help Hacks

Mental issues could be difficult to start looking for resources that can be helpful to you, this is especially because mental health and our society is stigmatized this means that people feel less able to talk to other people about it and get other people to help them, that’s essentially about getting help because there’s no shame in asking for help we all need help at some point in our lives especially if you have mental health issues and there’s no shame in asking for help.

Mental health doesn’t have to be something that’s made into a sob story people with mental health issues are not victims they are not looking for pity. Find some places that you might be able to find help that you need if you are feeling like your mental health is not where it should be. People i have spoken to and my own research so these are points that might be helpful to you, Mental health is such a vast and complex field not every thing i say might be hundred percent or it may not just be right for you so it’s always good to talk to other people and to do your own research especially when it comes to your own health and mental health is just as important as physical health is just as important as physical health.

1.Talk To Someone You Trust

Talk To Someone You Trust

Talk To Someone You Trust

Get help if you are feeling your mental health is not up to scratch is by taking to other people somebody close to you that you trust this might be a parent, a friend, a family member, maybe even a teacher or a faith leader this is because if you have any type of emotional or spiritual or mental health issue it feel ten times worse,

If you are dealing with it on your own and so many people opening up to somebody even if it is somebody you trust is really difficult having somebody to support you in your mental health journey is invaluable you open up to somebody they might be able to reassure you help with some of your coping strategies and as cliche as it sounds a problem shared is a problem halved and when it comes to mental health but such a true phrase, so although it might seem like a big step now taking that leap and talking to somebody who you feel will be supportive is going to be so valuable to you in your mental disorder journey.

2. Speaking To Your GP or Doctor


Speaking To Your GP or Doctor

Speaking To Your GP or Doctor

You might be able to get help is by talking to your GP or your doctor, Doctor might be able to refer you to a specific department or organization or just be able to help with any sort of treatments that would be good for you in your condition. Your doctor is a great place to start getting help for your mental health issues just because they have a wealth of information about other places that you’ll be able to find the resources that will be helpful to you as well as the idea that if you are having trouble telling people and opening up to people close to you, A doctor is a really good impartial neutral source to talk.

3. Self-care For Mental Health



The way that you can improve your own mental health by yourself getting outside and being active is obviously a really good way of keeping healthy, as well doing research on how you can improve and maintain your mental health whether that’s online or through books or through services is a great way of just keeping on top of your health another way of improving your mental health is mindfulness now this might not work for everybody but there are so many people who have found mindfulness a really helpful strategy,

Lots of online information you can find about mindfulness and it’s a really good strategy for so many people so it’s worth checking out if it you feel that mindfulness might be helpful for you and finally just taking basic care of your body by eating well, sleeping well and drinking lots of water the first step in taking care of your own mental health, if you are well rested hydrated and full of energy you are far more likely to be able to cope with what life throws at you with any mental health issues that’s because without these basic things that hydration sleep food support you are just not going to be able to make any progress or even maintain good mental health.

4. The Samaritans

The Samaritans

The Samaritans

We have a 24-hour free helpline and a website and if you feel like you can’t cope with what’s going on in your life with Samaritans offer confidential non-judgmental and impartial support to use and the other thing found from research is that the Samaritans are for everybody even if you are not diagnosed if you are diagnosed the people that the Samaritans just want to help and listen.


5. Some Helpful Websites


Some Helpful Websites

Some Helpful Websites a website called mine the website mind has a wealth of information resources that will be helpful to people who are suffering with mental health issues. Another website and helpline that might be useful to you is called rethink ( we thinkrethink is a great resources, because it offers expert advice for people who are suffering with mental health issues as well as the people who care for and support them. Last organization suggestion and a mouthful is beet (, it is a charity aimed specifically at those suffering with eating disorder beet offers an incredible website where you can find forums and talk to other people and similar conditions in a supportive and helpful environment, they also offer online support group and lots of information about local resources that you might be able to find useful if you are suffering with an eating disorder beet also has a helpline.

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