Typical yoga mistakes to avoid

Typical yoga mistakes to avoid

Practicing yoga every day has become a habit for many people. Yoga helps you relax, maintain flexibility, beauty, and is especially good for the brain. It is always very difficult at first to start and you will easily make mistakes. Here are some of the most common yoga mistakes you should avoid.


One mistake that novices of yoga often make is overtraining. Pay attention to your body and limit the amount of time you exercise when you feel tired. Listening to the body is one of the most important lessons in yoga. Don’t force your body to work too hard to get the results you want, as it can injure you. Each person has different abilities when performing difficult movements. Over-pressure is one of the first things you should avoid.

Skip healing and relaxation

One of the most serious mistakes a yoga practitioner makes is skipping the necessary physical recovery and relaxation exercises at the end of the session. Skipping this stage will make you more vulnerable to injury. Relaxing after each pose and training session will help stabilize your breathing and allow your body to recover.

Eat before yoga

As with any exercise, you should not eat full before yoga. However, you can have a snack an hour before you practice.

Hold your breath for too long

Focusing on your breath is very important when it comes to yoga. Many people hold their breath for a long time when performing a difficult pose, which is an error to avoid. When you exercise, your heart beats faster and your muscles will need more oxygen, so breathe in to supply your muscles with enough oxygen during yoga.

You should inhale through your nose and out through your mouth, breathe naturally instead of trying to hold your breath or hold it for too long. Just relax and breathe slowly.

Do difficult movements without the practice

You need to practice regularly and gradually to be able to understand how to perform it and gain flexibility and balance to be able to practice advanced poses. Don’t rush into difficult poses as they can injure you!

Loss of concentration while concentrating

Make sure your body and mind are fully focused while doing yoga. Yoga includes a lot of balance postures, if you do not pay attention while practicing, you will easily slip and fall. Furthermore, yoga mainly practices meditation and control body energy, so it requires attention to be able to feel the energy in its body. You will have difficulty if you are distracted when practicing yoga poses and the practice does not bring the desired effect.

Don’t care about your own safety

Some of the advanced poses can be very damaging if you ignore the health and safety requirements. People with health problems should pay more attention when practicing yoga. For example, people with migraines, high blood pressure or spondylitis should not practice banana planting.

Yoga can be very satisfying, but you should pay attention to not push your body to the limit during exercise. At that time, not only will yoga practice not bring you the desired results, but you also harm yourself. Please avoid the above for a fun and effective yoga session.

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