Ways to help you get really slim thighs this summer

Ways to help you get really slim thighs this summer

A training process combined with a reasonable diet will definitely help you to own slim thighs, everyone looks admiring.

Summer comes when you start to think about shorts and short skirts to make yourself beautiful when walking down the street. But things are not easy for those who own not very slender legs. So, to be confident with slim legs, you can only exercise to get rid of excess fat in the body. However, how to exercise the most effective way? Health CPN will help you find the answer.

Fat in legs develop like?

First of all, having fat in the body is very normal and does not affect your health. According to scientists, normal weight men have an average of 18–24% of body fat, while women have 25–31%. Body fat is usually evenly distributed, but it can also be concentrated in certain areas.

Foot fat can consist of different types of fat cells:

  • Subcutaneous fat: most common in the thighs and located just below the skin;
  • Fat in muscle: fat is dispersed in muscle.

Most of the foot fat is subcutaneous fat and is not of concern as they do not have long-term effects on health.

You can refer to the three methods below to reduce leg fat and make the thighs slim again


The first step to burning overall fat is exercise. You should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and 5 days a week. Whether you walk, swim, or cycle, it’s important to choose an exercise you can accomplish in moderation to increase your heart rate and maximize calorie burn.

One of the leg exercises is cycling. If you are just starting out, do it at a low intensity level for the best effect and not put pressure on your knees. Cycling also increases the strength of:

  • Calf muscles;
  • Hind thigh muscles;
  • Gluteus muscles;
  • Four-headed muscle.

You should ride a bike outdoors to get fresh air and reduce stress, and you can also invite a few friends to practice together.

Increase muscle growth

Just focusing on losing fat can make your legs and thighs weak, so invest more time in building muscles. Using weight lifters and other exercise equipment can help you develop leg muscles as effectively as not using any special equipment.

Lunge (slack exercise) is one of the most comprehensive leg exercises because it can increase 4 muscle growth and reduce thigh and butt fat. Follow these steps to achieve perfection:

  1. Erect. Place hands on hips for balance if needed;
  2. Step right foot forward, left foot unchanged and slack 2 knees to form right angle;
  3. Press the weight down under the heel;
  4. Return to starting position;
  5. Repeat a few times then switch legs.

You can do other reinforcement exercises at home like:

Reduce calories

Exercise is the most effective way to help the leg muscles grow, but you also need to limit the growth of fat cells. Reducing your calorie intake is the first step you should take because your body will utilize excess fat as its next source of energy. Therefore, you should control the calories accordingly.

There is no magical diet that can help you get rid of leg fat. However, dieting can also help. Before changing your menu so much, you should talk to your doctor or a dietitian if you have any kind of ailments in your body.

Losing leg fat or making your thighs slim is a time-consuming process. Therefore, perseverance to exercise and maintain proper eating is essential. Try to exercise regularly, your thighs will become slim and your health will also be improved a lot.

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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