Weight Loss Fast 101 | Basics to losing weight

Few Simple weight loss, fat loss strategies that as long as hormones are functioning properly and everything else is healthy should help you achieve your own goals. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are trying to lose weight and trying to lose fat is assuming that if they eat healthy that they are going to reach their fitness goals that they are going to lose weight now obviously if you go from eating protists food every single day to eating you know whole real organic food that will improve your overall health but if your calorie intake is the same as it was before you won’t lose weight, for the most part healthy food is going to be in lower calories than shitty food, I don’t like to label it like that because you should be able to have everything in moderation that is the way that you are going to be able to stick to a program for life rather than going one way and then the other way extreme but let’s use those terms for lack of better terms to describe it, So for the most part you would be eating lower calories edgeways the best way if you are to diet yourself.

The best way to lose weight in a healthy way


The best way to lose weight in a healthy way


Let’s say lose one pound a week is to cut 500 calories a day, now you can do that through excercise, through food or little bit of both, So for example the best way to do this for yourself is to excuse the couple days of food that you are eating right now being honest with yourself and not changing anything, so you can use my fitness pal, you can download a different tracking app or just go in computer and track it and you are going to ahead and track every single thing that you eat drink in a day and then you are going to get a total calories, fats, carbs, protein etc.

what you can do is 500 calories from that total and that’s going to give you the calories that you should be hitting to lose pound a week and that’s basically going off based on what you are eating right now taking 500 calories out 510 × 7 it’s 3500 which is one pound so that’s the simplest way to do it when you are looking at change in a body composition you are going to want to pay attention to proteins, carbs and fat, Now for protein it really different depends there’s a huge debate on this, If you are fairly active and if you are lifting weights anywhere from 0.5 grams per bodyweight to 1.5 is safe,

Who eat meat you may adjust that if you don’t increase the carbs or the protein etc, and then fat around point 4 grams per body fat and then you are only the rest of those for carbs, so this very basic this is a basic way to begin this is if you have never done anything and you can start this way if you are somebody who responds better to high carb diets and a high fat, this would work if you respond better to a high fat diet then you might want to decrease those carbs increase approach an increase of that, So again this is very dependent on you what works for you but it’s a very basic to cut out those 500 calories.

What Sort of Excercise is Important?


What Sort of Excercise is Important?

What Sort of Excercise is Important?

The other way is to do sort of exercise that’s in addition to what you are already doing, so you can’t use the exercise that you are doing right now, So if you are losing 500 calories a day already that’s already part of your regular daily, so it would mean to be an addition to what you are already doing, So can go for a long walk that’s going to burn 500 calories, do a weight training session and a cardio session, whatever it may be or you can even burn a 250 calories from your food and then you burn 250 calories from your workout, so those are different ways to combine it, But very simple basic ways to help you lose weight if that is your goal.

How to Manage Calories What should We Eat


What should We Eat?

What should We Eat?

Now one thing to keep in mind is abviously hopefully for the most part your goal is still health, So you want to keep in mind that the food that you are getting is nutrient- dense there’s actual vitamins and minerals and things that your body needs and will benefit from the majority of your food, My rule is 80/20 so 80% of the time you are going to get your food from the good food, if you will the whole real nutrient-dense food and then 20% of the time you can have little fun and leave that there and now if you are doing this you want to account for your tretment or refeeds whatever you want to call them, so lots of people take treat meals and refeeds, treat meals are just an addition to what you are already doing some people track them, some people don’t track what you are doing because you can significantly go over in just one treat meal and gain back old output that you put in through that week,

Something to keep in mind and then a brief bit of refeed is more of a strategic approach to dieting, so basically you would add in a specific amount, carbs mostly carbs is mostly a carb load on the refeed day to get you body firing again to increase our metabolism and also keep you sane during that dieting process, so yes you can eat healthy to improve your health absolutely but if you are just changing to healthy eating and your calorie intake has not changed that may be why you are not losing weight if that is your goal at the moment, Basically the idea that 3000 calories is a lot and let’s say 1200 calories is not a lot so based on what we just taked about if you are somebody who sits at 3,000 calories naturally that’s what you eat that’s your diet or let’s say 3,500 calories you would take away 500 calories just like that other person to lose a pound a week but you are still left with 3000 calories now we are in the high bracket now if you are somebody who eats let’s say 1700 calories a day and you are taking away this 500 now we are down to 1200.

So this is where that comes from the lick the high you know eating high calories is amazing and eating low calories is terrible for you yes if you are under eating for your body, however if you naturally eat 17 1,800 calories if you minus 500 from that you are going to be 12 1,300 and cutting now for the most part you could reverse diet and slowly add in food while avoiding the weight loss but again this is going to depend on your body, so you have to work with what you have and yes sometimes you maybe in that 1200 calories diet to lose the weight or again you could do it with your training but just keep in mind that it’s not a game of comparison i have clients wheat 3,000 calories and there are females they are still losing weight and then i have ones who don’t losing weight and then i have ones who don’t they don’t have the same luck and you know we are still struggling to lose weight at the lower, so it really is going to be super too dependent on you on your body and on your lifestyle, so if you are somebody who’s super active or ready and you have a job that’s not sedentary you may need to do a little bit more.

Add a few more steps a day to get to that weight loss where if you are somebody who sits at a desk all day and you add in you know 500 calories of walking a day you are going to see a significant improvement in your overall health and your body because you are adding that to something that doesn’t already exist, so is there a specific workout that’s best for losing weight, is there a specific diet that’s best for lose weight so unfortunately not really the workout that burns the most calories is going to be the best for losing weight and that’s basically on calories in versus calories out theory and nothing else if you enjoy high-intensity crossfit type of training apply it with full body type of stuff do that if you enjoy bodybuilding go ahead and do that just keep in mind that you know if you are having like a slow and steady type of shoulder day you may not be burning as many calories,

So that’s where you might need to add in carb cardio or decrease the calories so that’s kind of wat we are looking at when it comes to the training the best type of training for you is the type that you enjoy that you are going to continue doing and this is where all these fads come from this is where people go on these rollercoaster with their training and with their diet is because they to force themselves to stick to something that they don’t like and they are not going to do for life, So the best advice when it comes to diet and when it comes to training and make something that fits your life and your lifestyle and do that don’t try to fit yourself into molds that you know you are not going to stand and the same applies with a diet,

So kito is a big hit right now people do paleo low carb, high carb but whatever interpretive fasting all of those have the same principle its calories in versus calories out the reason you are losing weight on those diet because you are in a calorie deficit, so you are going to lose weight if you do keto and you are breaking even, So you are on maintenance calories or even more you are eating more than you are burning, you are going to lose, you are going to say the same or you are going to gain weight, you are not going to lose it.

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So it doesn’t matter what type of diet you do

Do a diet that works for you this is why these programs like jenny craig and weight watchers and so on this is why they work is because they are essentially calories in versus calories out you cut all your calories and yes you can replace a brownie for two ways in a you know bowl of oatmeal and an apple but if the calories are the same event that’s why you are losing the weight there’s no magic potion, so when it comes to weight loss of course those quick programs fads, whatever works because you are in a calorie deficit, now if you are looking a body composition which is muscle mass and fat and your overall look the toned look that people go for hate that word that’s the word people use,

So if that’s what you are going for that’s where body composition comes into play and that’s where having enough protein and the right fat and the right carbs and things that are going to fuel your day and training and weight training that’s what’s going to make a difference in your overall look physique and your overall health as well, so things to keep in mind weight loss doesn’t equal fat loss but but the way to lose weight is to be in a caloric deficit,so whatever diet you are going to stick to you are going to enjoy as much as you can whichever weight training fitness type of program you are going to adhere to the most that’s the one you follow when you are in a deficit it’s not fun whether you like it or not because let’s face it for the most part we like to eat.

So if your body is in a deficit yes you may feel it but if your goal is to lose weight to lose fat you will need to be in a deficit, so calories in versus calories out the right type of training, the right type of food, the right combination of food all the things that work best for you the things that you are going to say to are going to help you reach those weight loss goals there’s is o secret pills, there’s no magic potion, there’s no specific workout specific diets, there’s nothing that’s magical that’s going to get you exactly what you want overnight it’s lots of work and it’s a long process that you need to fix your guns and six-year goals and maintain consistency that is the best way to reach your weight loss goals.

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