What benefits does physical exercise bring to love skin?

What benefits does physical exercise bring to love skin?

Sports exercise is not only good for your health, body and spirit, but also has extremely beneficial effects on your own love skin.

We often think that the skin is only beautiful when it is provided with adequate nutrition from the inside as well as properly cared for from the outside by cosmetic creams.

However, as many scientific studies show: a healthy, beautiful, youthful, rosy and firmer skin if you exercise regularly and properly.

Exercises help the skin to secrete many toxins, help blood circulation to bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin, helping the skin to be well nourished. Skin will be firmer and healthier.

Here are 5 amazing benefits of exercise for your skin. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have more motivation to be more diligent in practicing sports every day!

5 benefits of exercise for your skin

1. Sports help clean oil residue

clean sebum

Sweating regularly helps the skin increase its natural oil production, pushing the sebum out, making the skin cleaner. However, you need to cleanse your skin after exercising to avoid sweat accumulating on your skin causing acne.

2. Helps skin brighter and healthier

bright and healthy skin

When participating in any exercise, your blood flow increases, causing the epidermis to absorb oxygen and essential nutrients, making skin bright, ruddy and full of energy. living.

In addition, sweating during exercise is also very good for the skin because some of the water in the ingredient will evaporate to cool the body, the rest is reabsorbed into the skin, making the skin bright and not dry.

3. Anti-aging skin

Our skin is made up of two types of proteins, collagen and elastin, which are known as two main factors that bring a rosy, shiny and youthful look to the skin. But over time, the amount of collagen and elastin will be reduced by many different factors such as environment, stress, aging …

According to a study by Bispebjerg Hospital in Denmark, long-term, persistent and regular exercise will:

√ Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

√ Improves skin elasticity and thickness.

√ Since then, wrinkles also minimize, significantly prevent the signs of skin aging that age brings.

Exercise helps fight aging

At the same time, exercise is an important measure to make the muscle system and skin firmer and healthier, thereby enhancing the ability to fight against harmful agents on the skin such as: pathogenic bacteria, sun, dust, pollution, chemicals …

In addition, regular exercise will help the body relieve stress, fatigue, and prolonged stress caused by the stress of work and life – important factors that cause the skin to age quickly.

4. Exercise and sports to help dissolve dark circles

dispel dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles are the “accusations” of staying up late, eating incorrectly, and being tired and stressed.

Get rid of dark circles and regain freshness for yourself with daily exercise. The main exercises will partly help the lymph circulation, the body will effectively eliminate toxins, reduce the accumulation of water in the body and the swelling and dark circles in the eyes.

5. Helps prevent acne effectively

Sport helps prevent acne

Types of acne, especially acne, are “enemies” that are dangerous for the beauty of the skin as well as the confidence and seduction of women. There are many ways to prevent this dangerous enemy, of which regular exercise is an effective, easy and easy to do.

Dr. Mariwala said: “In addition to increasing blood flow, exercise also increases sweating, helps regulate the temperature, moisturizes and balances the skin, and sweat escapes through the pores. Keeps pores clean from dirt, oil, dead skin and bacteria. This will help clean pores deeply, thereby contributing to preventing acne in the best way.

However, if you do not pay attention to take a shower immediately after exercising, it can cause more serious skin problems. So, always remember to clean and shower after exercising!

Notes to keep the skin healthy when exercising and sports

If you want to keep your skin smooth, there are some tips below from experts!

⇒ Avoid clothing that is too tight or made from hard raw materials to limit them from rubbing against the skin.

If you use fitness accessories like hats, hats, glasses or other protective clothing, be sure to keep them as clean as possible, as sweat can pick up dirt and oil. these outfits and contaminate the skin.

do exercise

⇒ For girls with thick hair and long bangs, tie them up carefully to avoid dirt and grease on the hair sticking to the face.

⇒ Do not use your hands to touch the skin of your face because it means you create conditions for bacteria and impurities to get into the skin, leading to acne flare-ups.

If you need to wipe the sweat off your face, use a clean and dry handkerchief. Absolutely avoid wiping sweat with hands, damp shirt or towel.

⇒ And finally, practice the habit of washing your face and removing heavy makeup before going into practice sessions. Some girls are often lazy to remove makeup from work to straight to the practice room.

Clean skin before exercising

This makeup layer will tighten your pores, thereby preventing toxins from being eliminated through the skin, causing breakouts on the skin.

Beautiful skin is first and foremost healthy skin. Exercising combined with a moderate and reasonable diet is a practical and effective measure to help create new vitality for the skin. Not only that, exercise is also a way to help you improve your health, prevent diseases and perfect your physique.

Hopefully, through the above article, you know more about the different benefits that exercise brings. So, let’s exercise today so that your body is always healthy and perfectly beautiful!

Thuong Tran / Health CPN

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