What do hidden acne spots warn about your health?

What do hidden acne spots warn about your health?

Irregular weather conditions that cause air temperature and humidity are one of the most common causes of skin problems, especially acne. At this point, the skin becomes extremely sensitive, increasing sebum secretion leading to clogged pores and making the skin “suffocate”.

But just looking at the spots where pimples appear hidden in some areas of the face can also help us to see the problems hidden inside our own body, believe me?

1. Locate acne hidden in the forehead area

Acne spots appear on the forehead area is a warning of problems with poor digestion and unhealthy lifestyle such as staying up late, lack of sleep, frequently stressed or overeating foods containing sugar …

To overcome this situation, change to a healthier living routine, sleep at least 7 hours a day or add plenty of water to purify the body. Adjust your diet with full nutrients and stay away from junk foods, greasy foods to avoid digestive diseases.

hidden pimples on the forehead

2. Locate acne hidden in chin area

If the acne appears more on the chin often the cause is related to hormones. They can over-stimulate the oil glands and clog pores, causing acne bacteria to grow.

Resting, drinking plenty of fluids and supplementing with omega-3 are the most effective ways to improve this. If the problem persists, please see the gynecologist for detailed examination. Besides, placing your hands on your chin is also a bad habit that leads to pimples in this area.

spot hidden pimples on the chin

3. Place pimples hidden on the edge along the hairline

Pimples that grow along the hairline are often caused by beauty products such as makeup that clog pores. To avoid this, clean your makeup thoroughly before going to bed, keep cleaning around the hairline and exfoliate twice a week to get rid of those nasty hidden pimples!

hidden acne along the hairline

4. Locate pimples hidden on both cheeks

“The cheek area is also connected to the lungs so blemishes on the cheeks can also be the result of some breathing problems,” said Lindsey Blondin, a leading cosmetologist at George Salon Chicago.

Dermatologist Amanda Doyle added: “Acne hidden in the cheeks can also be a sign of eating a lot of sugar.” So, change your diet by limiting sweets to help limit acne hidden in the cheeks.

In addition, the use of cell phones against the cheeks too much can lead to blemishes in this area. “Cell phones are known to contain a lot of germs, and applying them to the face is one way that lets germs get into the cheeks.”

Therefore, regularly clean items that have much contact with your face such as phones, makeup brushes, pillow covers … At the same time, every time you go out on the street you need to wear a mask to avoid dust to reduce the harmful effects of pollution. , prevent bacteria and help reduce acne.

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acne hidden on both cheeks

5. Place pimples hidden in the middle of the eyebrows

The liver has a lot of functions and this organ plays a very important role in the digestive and metabolic systems. The liver is responsible for producing chemicals for digestion, protein synthesis and body detoxification, discharging waste products from the foods and beverages you consume and from the oxygen you breathe.

That means if you have hidden acne, redness, peeling or excess oil in this area it could also be linked to a stressed liver. In addition, pimples between the eyebrows could be caused by an unhealthy diet, including fatty foods. So, in this case, you should add fruits and vegetables containing high levels of vitamin C such as oranges, kiwis …

Limit eating at night before bed because the liver and stomach will not work effectively, leading to the formation of hidden acne.

acne in the middle of the eyebrow

6. Locate pimples hidden on both sides of the nose and upper lip

If hidden pimples suddenly appear in this area, it means that we have eaten too much spicy, salty and oily food, leading to indigestion and poor blood circulation.

So, please Make changes to your diet with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish that are high in fats like omega-3s. In addition, you should regularly check your blood pressure and increase your supplement vitamin B can help clear these acne spots.

acne in the nose

Above are 6 positions of hidden acne to help you know your health status, so that you can adjust your diet and sleep to protect your health and beauty in the best way.

Thuong Tran / Health CPN

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