What should you eat before a morning workout?

What should you eat before a morning workout?

Many people work out in the morning because this is the time when exercising increases their energy, concentration and optimism. So what should you eat before the morning gym to ensure nutrition to achieve the desired workout effect?

To choose the right pre-workout foods, let’s explore the risks of not having a pre-workout breakfast and principles of building breakfast.

Risks of not eating breakfast before going to the gym

Risks of not eating breakfast before going to the gym

Many people often think that having an empty stomach before exercising will increase the ability to burn fat, thereby enhancing the ability to lose weight. In fact, the effect of weight loss when exercising with vigorous exercise like gym on an empty stomach is still controversial.

Not to mention, you can even increase your risk of losing muscle mass and hypoglycemia after a night of not eating and exercising heavily. Here are some risks you may face when fasting in the morning before a workout.

• No energy to exercise: After a night of 6-8 hours of sleep, your stomach will be empty. What’s more, the amount of glycogen in your body is also significantly reduced because the brain uses them to maintain live activities while you sleep.

If you fast for breakfast, it will seriously deplete your glycogen, causing energy loss. At this point, you will not be able to lift weights or perform difficult movements or even prolong the exercise time.

• Loss of protein: You practice on an empty stomach, the body will take it the protein as fuel. This causes your body to lack protein to build and repair muscle after exercise, causing muscle loss. Moreover, muscles in the morning will not be able to achieve full strength like the afternoon, so you need to eat breakfast more if you want to strengthen muscles during exercise.

• Reduced blood sugar: Exercising on an empty stomach will burn precious energies and have less stamina. Low blood sugar can also make you feel lightheaded, nauseous, or shaky.

• Storing more fat than usual: When you don’t eat breakfast, your body reacts as if you were hungry and starts storing fat to save fuel. This allows your body to store more fat than usual.

The habit of eating before the gym will help the body increase energy to increase exercise performance, increase muscle mass and avoid unfortunate injuries.

Principle of eating before morning gym

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Working out in the morning gym is often more difficult than working out in the afternoon because you won’t have much time to prepare. However, no matter how busy you are in the morning, you need to remember the principle of preparing breakfast before working out is to choose protein rich foods to avoid muscle loss. The next rule to keep in mind is to choose carbohydrate-rich foods to replenish your body with energy.

Your protein intake needs to meet 2-3g of leucine (the acid is responsible for building muscle). When you have a protein intake but lack leucine, then muscle-building efficiency isn’t perfect.

Normally, 2g of leucine will be in 17g whey, 21g milk, 22g casein, 24g eggs, 25g fish, 26g beef, 26g pork, 26g soybeans, and 27g chicken.

In addition, you should also note the following to get effective training:

• Eat just enough: If you eat too little breakfast, you will not have enough energy to exercise, but if you eat too much, you will easily have heartburn or vomiting during heavy exercise. Moreover, the early morning stomach (about 5-6 hours) is very weak, making it difficult for you to absorb all the food you eat into your body. However, you should not eat too late (after 9am) because it will cause a disorder of the circadian clock in the body.

• Eat 30 minutes to 1 hour before exercise: This time will help you to consume less food to feel more comfortable during exercise.

• Ensuring nutrition: Eat breakfast with a variety of nutrients and eat freshly processed foods. The foods for a healthy breakfast are milk, eggs, bread, rice, sticky rice, porridge, oats, pork, chicken, fish, green vegetables, fruit …

• Fat restriction: Fats usually take a long time to digest. Therefore, you should limit fast foods, canned foods. These foods are often loaded with unhealthy fats and harmful to health.

• Avoid eating sugary foods: These foods cause your body to secrete more insulin, making it easy to feel tired and shaky.

Foods to eat before a morning workout

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What should you eat before a morning workout? Here are some foods you can add to your healthy breakfast.

• Milk chocolate: Chocolate milk is often a post-workout recovery drink but is also a digestible breakfast. This drink helps to balance protein and carbs, two nutrients that help your body increase energy and also make your stomach more comfortable.

• Dry cereals or fruits: Before doing HIIT, you can eat a handful of dry cereal or dried fruit (about 1/4 cup of water) to provide the necessary amount of carbs for your body.

• Yogurt and fruit: Yogurt is rich in protein, carbs and is also one of the best sources of calcium for bones. Fruit is also high in carbs so it can quickly metabolize energy in time for your body.

• Bananas and almonds: Bananas are rich in carbs, so they are good for digestion and can provide a lot of energy to the practitioner’s body. In addition, bananas also contain a lot of potassium, which is capable of maintaining the function of neurons and muscles. You should eat 1-2 bananas with a jar of yogurt about 45 minutes before training will help you add more potassium. With that, you can drink a glass of almond milk to provide the necessary energy when exercising.

• Egg whites or egg breads: Egg whites provide essential protein and help you to work consistently throughout the exercise while bread will provide enough carbs for you before exercising. You can also eat bread with honey or jam, peanut butter or 1-2 hard-boiled eggs to provide your body with the most protein.

• Beef or chicken pho: These pho can provide an abundant amount of protein for bodybuilders. Besides, these are also easy to digest dishes so they are suitable for eating before breakfast.

• Oatmeal with low-fat milk: Low-fat oats and milk are high in carbs and protein, so they can give your body plenty of energy while working.

In addition to the breakfast diet that helps you exercise effectively, you also need to pay attention to your biological clock when you get enough sleep (from 6-8 hours), eat in moderation and warm up more carefully before exercising . After a morning gym session, you should replenish water and electrolytes to compensate for the amount consumed when exercising. Do not forget to provide carbs, fruits, and protein to the body to avoid a deficiency of glycogen and protein after exercise.

If you know what to eat before a morning workout, you will provide enough nutrients to increase energy and exercise efficiency. The habit of eating breakfast before the gym not only contributes to maintaining your desired shape but also ensures your long-term health!

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