Why Are Vitamins Recommended For Depression?

This question is not as difficult to respond to as you might think. Vitamins are nutritional agents that support over-all body health. They exist naturally and while some can be stored in the body those that are water soluble must be renewed daily from food sources or supplement sources. Vitamins help the many body systems to function as well as possible. In the treatment of Depression the B vitamins figure quite prominently. We will discuss just a few of the B vitamins that are known to affect mood.

Why Vitamins Are Recommended For Depression


Depression is a sort of invisible illness. Depression has a physical base in that chemicals in the brain that affect mood may be deficient. Serotonin and Norepinephrine control moods and mood swings. Depression is an illness characterized by deep and ongoing sadness, feelings of worthlessness, feelings that you are moving as if in slow motion, and sleep and appetite changes.


There are many options for the treatment of Depression. Cases of Depression can go from very mild to very sever and everything in between. Typical treatments include Psychotherapy, antidepressants and many of which have serious side effects and natural treatments which include supplementation with vitamins and minerals. Herbs that are known to influence mood can also treat Depression with few if any side effects.

There is a trend of people wanting only natural remedies for any illness including Depression. Natural remedies are available including vitamins, minerals, and / or herbal supplements. While each of these treatments can stand alone in treating depression they can be more effective when they are included in a supplement form.

Herbal supplements include vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are known to affect mood in a positive manner. To get the highest quality herbs possible they should be made to pharmaceutical grade. The ingredients’ metabolic routes at the molecular level should be tested and the interactions of the ingredients studied. This process helps to ensure their potency, safety, and effectiveness.

Vitamins recommended for Depression are those known to have mood affecting properties and B vitamins are known to specifically affect moods. They can be used to support over-all body health. As has been mentioned greater effectiveness may be obtained if they included in a supplement that is all natural and includes other nutritional substances.


Vitamins recommended for Depression can be found in food sources and if not there in supplements. The best supplements also have minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and herbs. They give a more even effect on moods and this without side effects. Your doctor should always be consulted when considering a change in your health regimen.

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