Why not leave your phone with you when you go to bed?

Why not leave your phone with you when you go to bed?

Most of us always keep the phone with us, even when we get ready for bed and wake up, perhaps the phone is the first thing we pick up during the day. Still, it doesn’t seem like leaving your phone next to you while you sleep isn’t a good idea, at least scientifically.

Makes it harder for you to sleep

Makes it harder for you to sleep

A 2011 study found that 9 out of 10 Americans use technology devices before they go to bed. The term “technological device” refers to cell phones, TVs, computers or laptops, tablets, game consoles, etc.But among all the technology devices listed above, mobile phones The motion picture is the most popular device used by people under the age of 30.

When you use technology, especially your smartphone right before bed, you don’t give your body and brain enough time to relax. Plus, it’s easy to get caught up in the game you’re playing badly, something you’re curious about on Facebook, or simply a habit, you will pick up your phone to press while your eyes are closed but forever. can’t sleep, but accidentally, it’s the act of picking up your phone to surf that makes it harder for you to sleep.

The best way to keep this from happening is to keep your phone away when you go to bed.

Affect the cycle of sleep

Affect the cycle of sleep

By not using your phone before bed, you are also reducing your blue light exposure. Exposure to blue light too close to bedtime has been shown to interfere with your normal circadian rhythm. Essentially, blue light disturbs the internal circadian clock by delaying the natural release of melatonin before you fall asleep.

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Our circadian rhythm is closely linked with sunrise and sunset every day. So naturally, throughout the day, our bodies know when to wake up and go to sleep.

Smartphones have affected the circadian rhythms of many people, largely due to blue light. The exposure to blue light just before bed or when your phone turns on the screen lights up all night with notifications, your sleep cycle will be negatively affected. Chances are you will wake up feeling tired or sleep deprived, as soon as you have had 8 hours of sleep.

The best way to get rid of the effects of blue light is to not use your phone for several hours before bed. That said, but obviously doing this is not easy. Therefore, the blue light filter built into most electronic devices today could be the solution.

Risk of radiation exposure is low

There are many people who say that cell phones cause cancer. Currently, there is not enough solid scientific evidence to support this claim.

A 1999 National Toxicology Program study exposed mice to high radio frequency radiation from cell phones. They found evidence of tumors, both benign and malignant, in the hearts, brains and adrenal glands of test rats.

However, the FDA says that “nearly 30 years of scientific evidence has not linked exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phone use with health problems, such as cancer.” Due to scientific research and contradictory information online, it is difficult to confirm the risks that smartphones pose to health.

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Your cell phone emits some non-ionizing radiation, but only when it is being used. The only known side effect of this radiation is heat generation. Your phone gets warm when it has been used for a while.

If you’re concerned about radiation exposure, here are some things you can do:

Keep the phone away from you while you are sleeping. If you receive any calls or notifications throughout the night that increase radio frequency radiation emitted by the device, the device will also be far enough away so that you will not be affected much.

If you need to listen to music or podcasts while you are sleeping, try using Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

If you want to limit your exposure to cell phone radiation even further, limit your ear pressure to make calls and store your mobile phone in a place other than your pocket, such as in a backpack. .

Here’s what you can try out right now

Try to put your phone in another room while you are sleeping. Or if you need to bring your phone in your bedroom as an alarm clock, make sure it’s at least 1 meter away from you. In addition to avoiding the problems mentioned above, there is another benefit to this habit: if the phone is not right next to you in the morning, you cannot easily turn off the alarm clock.

You probably won’t notice too much of a difference placing the phone a little further away from you while you’re sleeping. But it will help you improve your ability to fall asleep, sleep deeply and get a good night’s rest.

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