Yoga exercises for weight loss, gentle but effective

Yoga exercises for weight loss, gentle but effective

Yoga has long been considered a subject that helps stabilize emotions and reduce stress, thereby improving your mental health. However, have you heard that yoga is effective for weight loss? Surprisingly, this is absolutely true! Let’s learn about this fascinating benefits of yoga with Health CPN!

Yoga for weight loss is highly effective in burning calories

Yoga can help your body burn 180–360 calories per hour, and these calories depend on the method of yoga you practice. Nanci Muriello, owner of the Big Apple Power Yoga yoga center in New York City, agrees. She added that, in the schools of yoga, “power yoga” can be considered as the most effective school in burning fat.

This school has 3 main characteristics: strength training, endurance and cardio exercises. During the 90 minutes of a regular yoga exercise, deep breathing exercises warm the body from the inside as well as eliminate toxins, reducing the amount of water stored in your body by pushing them out. through the sweat glands. In addition, this school of yoga also helps to strengthen the function of the lymphatic system and other organs, making them work more efficiently. This is considered a great form of movement.

Not only that, yoga, especially the power yoga school, also gives you a great benefit, that is, you will gradually learn to feel and understand your body. To further explain this benefit, Muriello said: “You may suddenly realize that your body feels full, or that a particular item of something you have eaten is undigested. Absolutely, or maybe you will feel full of energy after eating something ”.

Gentle exercises are more effective

Baxter Bell Master in Physics, a yoga instructor and acupuncturist, said: “What’s surprising is that yoga exercises are soothing, relaxing with the aim of helping Rehabilitation can also help you lose weight by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system – the part that regulates breathing, digestion and hormones in the body.

Bell said that when you practice these exercises for more than 5 days, your body will automatically appear the mechanism of “fighting”, and hormones with high octane index will circulate. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system, you are slowly entering the brain’s “rest”. It allows the organs of your body to rest and do things that include hormonal rebalancing, injury recovery, and optimal digestion – factors that promote speed. weight loss.

Jill Miller, founder of YogaTuneUp, points out that losing weight through yoga gives you benefits not only physically but also mentally. Practicing yoga helps you increase awareness of the signals inside your body, she adds. Typically, these are the physical symptoms of when you are hungry or craving for necessities. While there are physical factors that help you realize both, the need to eat to nourish your body is completely different from the usual cravings. And of course yoga can help you to distinguish these two states.

In addition, as mentioned, yoga calms you down, and over time you can differentiate between the real hunger and the need to eat to satisfy cravings. And the good news is that through that, you will easily lose weight thanks to the will as well as more effective food choices.

Practicing gentle yoga schools is also a good way to have a slow start. This is very important if you are new to yoga – you need to avoid injuries because they can prevent you from moving your body. All of your activities are limited – at least for quite a while, so injury can hinder all your efforts to lose weight. You may feel depressed and want to give up yoga for the long time you wait for your body to fully recover. So Health CPN encourages you to start from the most basic of poses!

The choice of yoga posture is also a very important factor

Nicole Persley, a yoga instructor at Inner Peace Center in Lake Worth, FL shares: Some yoga poses are considered the perfect posture to help you lose weight and get in shape. Not only that, the benefits that these poses offer are particularly “far beyond” other poses. They not only help you increase calorie consumption, exercise muscles, but also help speed up metabolism by stimulating the endocrine glands to regulate metabolic rate.

Some useful poses that Persley suggests to improve your weaknesses:

  • Shoulder stand and fish pose: Both of these postures will help stimulate the thyroid gland, increase metabolic rate.

  • Lightning pose – also known as the child pose and cobra pose: These positions require the body to be supple to perform twists, bends to help massage the abdomen, internal organs as well as Helps to optimize digestion.

  • Posture Downward Dog (dog face down) and Upward Dog pose (stretching dog) is especially helpful in toning your waist and thighs.

Ask your doctor before you start practicing yoga. You can take a yoga course, buy instructional discs or other types of tutorials to help you get started in the most basic postures.

The articles of Hello Health Group and Health CPN are for reference only, and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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