Yoga to increase height: Do you really understand the role of these exercises?

Yoga to increase height: Do you really understand the role of these exercises?

When done correctly and regularly, yoga is an exercise that offers a lot of benefits for both health and appearance. Yoga encourages people to listen and adjust their body. It also helps you relax your mind and be able to discern any movement around you.

In addition, yoga also has another great effect of helping you grow taller. Do you believe it?

Around the world, there have been many studies by both yoga professionals and medical organizations to prove the effectiveness of yoga exercises to increase height. If done correctly, these heightening exercises will stretch each area of ​​the body, releasing accumulated toxins that affect health. From there, cells and hormones have more conditions for healthy development, actively supporting the growth process.

It is important to practice correct posture

With that said, yoga won’t work if you get it wrong. Practicing the correct movement is key to getting the most out of yoga. Therefore, beginners should seek guidance from a trainer instead of doing yoga exercises at home. During the practice, yoga teachers will help you to ensure accuracy and consistency in each movement.

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In case you cannot afford to go to the gym and want to do yoga at home, check out the online video tutorials to learn different poses and height gain exercises. It will be very convenient if you have family or friends who are knowledgeable about yoga for you to consult for more information. This will help you promptly correct false knowledge and posture. Moreover, it also helps you to limit the cases of sprains or serious injuries when practicing height-increasing yoga exercises at home.

Yoga to increase height improves back and spine pain

Some special positions in height exercises have the ability to improve flexibility for the back and spine. When doing the right moves, the bone tissue expands, making you look taller. At the same time, yoga increases height also increases blood circulation for the body to eliminate toxins from internal organs. Meanwhile, the additional fluid for spinal disc and back cartilage also increases to help the spine to work more supple.

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Yoga to increase height increases hormones

Each person’s body contains a certain amount of growth hormone. While it is widely believed that growth hormones will stop working when you reach puberty, in fact they can still be activated to grow you 1-2cm tall. This depends on many factors such as diet, exercise …

Yoga is one of the healthy and sustainable ways to increase height that you should pursue. Some height-increasing yoga exercises have the ability to forcefully stimulate the growth hormones again to improve your height.

Among them, deep breathing exercises during yoga will make the body completely relax and relax. This is where the growth hormone is boosted. That is also the reason why almost every yoga movement and posture is combined with breathing techniques and meditation.

In addition to breathing properly, refreshing laughter is also an effective mental therapy to help you improve your height. When you smile, your body will have a chance to release any stress to relax. Every day, do regular yoga exercises to increase height and smile with others as much as possible for optimal results.

Yoga brings us many benefits. Whether you go to the gym every day or do yoga at home by yourself, be patient. This subject not only helps you improve your appearance and physique, but also significantly improves your inner health.

With yoga exercises to increase your height, you can refer to the following 4 easy-to-follow poses:

1. Tree yoga posture

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This is considered the easiest posture to perform among the heightening exercises of yoga. When you bend one leg over and rest on the other leg, all of your weight will be on the foot that is touching the ground. This will help tone the entire leg muscles. Furthermore, when you raise your arm upwards, muscle tissue and bone are activated. Over time, they are stretched to improve your body length.


Stand up straight, relax your arms along the body. Breathe normally.

Stand firmly with your left leg, bend your right knee and place your foot on the inner thigh of your left leg.

Keep your balance in that position and raise your hands above your head. Clasp palms together and straighten whole body for a few seconds. Breathe regularly and gently, then return to a relaxed starting position. Repeat with the other leg.

2. Standing on shoulder position

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When doing this yoga exercise to increase this height, all body gravity will be placed on the shoulder. At that time, this gravity also puts pressure on the pituitary gland to make it more active. Growth hormones are also produced in the process to help you grow taller.


Lie straight, straighten legs and place palms down on the floor, along body.

– Slowly raise your legs, buttocks and back straight up, using your hands to support your back.

– Keep your legs and spine straight so that your body weight is on your shoulders and arms. In the meantime, if you feel pain or tightness in your neck, relax and return your body to rest. If not, hold that position for about 15-30 seconds and breathe regularly.

3. Camel pose

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This height-increasing yoga pose is not suitable for people with blood pressure problems or have experienced back injuries. It causes you to bend both your body and neck backwards to trigger the pituitary to produce growth hormone.


Get on your knees on the yoga mat.

– Slowly lean back, hands trying to grasp the soles of the feet. At the same time, bring your neck down to touch your feet. If you are still unable to do this, just lower your neck and body as far as you can and stop.

Hold this position for a few seconds, breathe steadily and slowly bring the body back to the starting position.

4. Sitting forward posture

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This heightened yoga pose puts pressure on your neck and hind thigh muscles. People suffering from disc drainage or sciatica should not practice this pose while doing yoga at home. Because this is an exercise that can easily injure you again without the detailed guidance of a yoga instructor.


Sit up straight, stretch your legs forward.

On the exhale, you lean forward. Hands touching the tips of the toes.

– Keep your back straight, try to lower your head to rest on your knees.

During this heightening yoga exercise, keep your breathing normal and avoid bending your knees.

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