Yoga tools include what?

Yoga tools include what?

What should you bring for the first time to a yoga class? Usually a yoga class will have yoga equipment ready for students to use. But if you want to do yoga at home, or want to bring your own equipment, here’s a list of things you need to prepare.

Instruction manuals


If you are new to yoga, you should buy a book, CD or preview yoga videos online. Practicing a few poses in advance at home can help you get acquainted and feel more confident before joining a yoga class. Through it, you can also choose for yourself the exercises that are suitable for your purpose.

Comfortable workout clothes


When you practice yoga, you should choose clothes that fit your body, choose materials that are soft, have good elasticity, are sweat absorbent and help you perform the postures in the most comfortable way. It’s best to use specialized clothing, but you can still wear a t-shirt and shorts. When practicing yoga, you should walk barefoot as this will help you feel the floor better and perform firmer movements, do not wear socks as you may fall slippery during exercise.

Yoga carpet


Yoga mat is an important indispensable item to help you exercise easily and comfortably as well as help your body avoid injury during exercise. A yoga mat is a thin rectangular mat made of rubber, or possibly other materials, that prevent the practitioner from slipping during yoga moves. The mat should be soft enough to protect the body from friction with the floor, but also strong enough to help the practitioner maintain balance and perform the best postures.

Towels absorb sweat


Choose a good sweat absorbent towel, because when doing yoga, you need to wipe sweat regularly to avoid slippery when performing poses. You can also roll the towel up to use it as a small pillow to aid in difficult positions.

Yoga pillows


Yoga pillows are tubular or rectangular, which are great for when you need a hard surface to prepare for difficult movements. You can use pillows under your hips, knees, neck or buttocks.

Yoga belt


Another very useful tool is the yoga belt to help support difficult poses. Imagine if you are not flexible enough to touch your toes, then this belt is your extended arm.

Yoga yoga tiles


Yoga bricks help you keep your balance, and perform more flexible exercises. Yoga bricks support the neck and head during lying movements, or bear part of your body weight in sitting or standing movements, and also help you perform a variety of movements longer and better.

Silhouette yoga


If you practice yoga to have a slimmer, firmer body and support the treatment of back pain, hip pain, yoga ball is a very necessary tool. The main effect of training on an unstable surface like on a glossy surface is that it causes you to use more muscle without increasing the intensity of the exercise.

Practicing yoga regularly will help you improve your health and get a supple, toned body. Yoga is becoming more widely available and yoga equipment is also gradually increasing. However, the above are the most basic essential items you need to prepare before training. Usually the gym will provide a full range of yoga equipment. You should check them out before training or you can refer to prepare yourself at home.

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